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How will I ever feel better?

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I miss my dad so much. He died so unexpectedly, he was my closest family member, one of my best friends. We had such a good relationship. Now everyone is falling apart, including me. I'm on a stupid waiting list for therapy and it's taking too long. It's getting to the point that I don't want to get out of bed, because every single thing I do there is just a big gaping hole missing. Why is life so cruel? he was rushed into hospital, they didn't say that a coma was even a possibility, sent us home late for some sleep. The next morning he was sedated and I never spoke to him again :(  How on earth do I start to feel better?

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Dear H82017,

I'm so sorry for your pain and sorrow. I know its hard. Grief is overwhelming. I too find it hard to get out bed some days. I think it takes a long time for our minds and bodies to process what has happened. I think it takes a while before we even start to feel better because the pain is so raw. We have to start with baby steps. Getting out of bed, having a shower, some food. Then maybe be with friends and family. Look for something small that gives you joy, like the sun is out, or going for a walk. It will take time.

I have also found these websites helpful in helping me understand my feelings. What's Your Grief, Tiny Buddha, The Grief Recovery Method, The Grief Healing Blog, GriefShare.Org

Take care my friend. Thinking of you.

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