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Missing my Princess kitty

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I just lost my cat, Princess, 4 days ago to diabetes complications. She had it for two and a half years. She was always difficult to regulate and had a low blood sugar seizure two years ago, but recovered. After that I always checked her blood sugar before giving her any insulin. She was great for two years until I had to take her to the vet for a checkup. They said she was fine but that her insulin wasn't regulated as well as it could be because if I checked her blood sugar and it was on the low side, I would skip a dose. I was told this is not how the insulin Glargon works and I shouldn't check her blood sugar and just give her the insulin. We lowered the dose and it worked well for a few months. Then just last week I found her in a seizure again. I rushed her to the animal ER. This seizure was worse than the last. Her temp fell 10 degrees. She was at the vet for two days. She seemed ok when she came home, but just weak and worn out. But she started going downhill quickly. She stopped eating and then stopped drinking. She could barely walk, her legs would shake, and she was obviously in pain. I had no choice but to put her down. I feel like it was my fault for not checking her blood sugar and letting it get to the point of a seizure again. I feel horrible! She was 13 and had the very start of kidney disease, so the vet said that could have been what made her go into the seizure. I just wish I had listened to my gut instead of the vet and checked her blood sugar. I miss her so much... my little Princess 


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Awww, what a beautiful girl she is. I'm so very sorry. I've lost several of my fur babies over the years, and it's always so hard. 

We will be here with you,


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I am so sorry, it's so hard.  Thank you for sharing her picture, she's beautiful.  It's so hard to lose them, they are our family.  My boss' dog had Diabetes and in spite of close care of the vets and insulin, she still died within a few months of diagnosis.  It's just such a hard disease, it's one I struggle with myself.  My sincere condolences.  
This is one of my favorite articles on the subject of feeling guilt with the loss of our pets, I hope it brings you some comfort:

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