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Tell me about your panic attacks and what helps?

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Hey all,


My name is Maire and I’m a student at Olin College of Engineering. My partners and I are trying to develop a tool to help people who experience panic attacks, particularly if they are trauma-induced, like with grieving or PTSD. Since our project was originally started in response to the needs of one particular friend during their trauma-induced attacks, we would really like to talk to more people about their experiences with their panic attacks.


For example, we’d love to ask what some of you do during your attacks, what seems to help the most, and if other people are helpful or in what ways?


The previous iteration of our project can be seen here, http://onepress.strikingly.com/ , and we are very eager to find ways to make as useful a tool as possible so we’d love the opportunity to talk to you more! If you’d be cool with us talking to us, please message me here or email us at onepressforsurvivors@gmail.com

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