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Hello im new here and never would have thought that i would be looking at these forums. Me and my fiance lost our baby girl on the 25th. Her name is maddison saint claire henderson and she passed at 37 weeks. She is our first child and it hurts knowing that we will never get to know her. We are lost and i feel like i am missing apart of my soul never getting to meet her. I gave birth to her naturally and felt ever piece of her passing through me and loved it. I just wanted to know if you ever get a little better? Does you heart ever get a little lighter? And how do you go on to love your next childern when you didnt even get a chance to love your first?

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I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. Most parents who have lost their children gather together to post in "Loss of an Adult Child." Everyone is welcome, including those who have lost their babies at very early ages. You are so welcome to post in that forum. 

While I have not lost a child like you have, I do know that each child I have had, I've loved as much as the ones who came before. You'll have love for all of your next children. It will come naturally. 

We will be here with you,


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