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Devastated at my Kittens Death - My Mia

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Backstory: I moved from NZ to Aus in April last year, leaving behind my beautiful cat, Ava of 10 years. In around October my partner offered to get me a kitten as I am an advid cat lover and it would help me feel more at home. I agreed and so we began building an indoor cat cage and gathering supplies.
 3 days later we found out there was a litter of kittens 9 weeks old available, which we investigated and immediately fell in love with a female  tabby, who had white paws.

As I am unemployed, I became her "mum". I would feed her, cuddle her and spend all day with her playing and other kitten like activities. 

She had little quirks like: 
- she would drag her blanket around (a tiny kitten doing this was adorable)
- she would "boop" us walking past
- lick us on the nose for a "kiss"
- she would do 2-3 little meows then a loud one when she couldnt get to us (i.e bedroom)

Unfortunatley on Monday evening, she somehow got out the back, and the dogs (jack russell and lab) got to her. I found her laying stiff out the backyard and instantly went into shock crying out for my partner. 

We had been very careful with making sure she was safe and couldnt access the back, I feel guilty because we have no idea how she got out, or why it happened. I can't look at the dogs the same even though dogs instincts takes over.

Im devastated at the loss of our little Mia, she was our everything, only 5 months old (We got to spend 3 with her) and her life was cut short. I havent stopped crying in 3 days and im not sure when I will be able to. 

We buried her in the front garden, wrapped in her favourite brown blanket, with her favourite toy (a fluffy heart) underneath a floral plant (Little Miss plant).

I love and miss her so much :(

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I am so very sorry about the loss of precious Mia. I have a 15-year-old beautiful cat named Mia. She is not doing well. I've lost several fur babies over the years. It's never easy--ever! They take a piece of me with them. 

We will be here with you,


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I am so sorry you lost your little kitten.  We grieve not only for their life but because we know how unique they are and that there will never be another just like them, as you've described and attested.  The dogs may not have intended foul play, but in their sport it ended in her demise.  I'm sorry it happened. :(
This is one of my favorite articles I have fun across with regards to pet loss, and I hope it will shed some light and bring some comfort to you:

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So sorry for the loss of your Mia. We get so attached to our pets right away and the bonding is mutual due to a pets dependence on us to meet their needs. It hurts so much when we lose them from our lives. You gave Mia a great life for the short time she was here. You loved her, which is the greatest gift in this life. She will be in your heart forever and you will be in hers.

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Thank you all for your heartfelt messages, I appreciate all the support <3

Konnie: I'm sorry to hear about your Mia, and I wish you both all the best. I also have lost a few fur babies due to old age over my 26years at home, it certainly never gets easier!

KayC: Yes, one of the main aspects of this process that makes us sad was how unique she was, and cats especially can show very different characteristics that show this. Unfortunately, as we said, the dogs would not have done it with bad intentions, just instinct. Thank you so much for the pdf, it is helping me a lot! :)

KMB: It certainly gives us a massive blow of emotions; shock, upset, guilt due to the loving and generosity from bonding with our pets. Thank you for your kind words :)


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