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Found 5 results

  1. Loss of Neighbor

    Hi everyone, I'm fourteen years old and my neighbor died about an hour ago. It was from old age and he was really sick before he passed. I feel really numb at the moment and am not sure what to do. I've known him almost my whole life. I didn't go over and visit him like I should have. I was selfish and stayed at home because I didn't want to see him sick. I really thought that he would live forever, I guess. He'd been sick before and always got better. My mom always went over to go visit, but I didn't like to, so I stayed away. His house was full of dust (his wife died when I was eight and he had mobility issues) and I have bad allergies, so that was one of the reasons I didn't go over. I realize now that it sucked. By the time I realized that he was going to die soon, I wanted to go over and sit by him and let him know that I love him, but my mom didn't want me to go see him as apparently he was really bad and it would have disturbed me. She does have pretty good judgement, though, so I trusted her, even though it made my gut wrench. Anyways, I guess my point is that I have a lot of regrets. I only told him that I loved him once and that was when I was little. He was your stereotypical old guy: kinda brash and grumpy, but lovable. As I'm lying here in bed on my laptop typing this, I don't feel much at all. Obviously, I feel a bit sad, but I honestly feel basically nothing. I never went over there because I wanted to after his wife died, as she was one of the kindest old ladies you could ever meet. I don't know what to do. I go back to school on Tuesday and I'm afraid that I'll start crying in the middle of class. What do I do if this happens? Is it normal that I feel almost nothing? Please help me!
  2. Helping to bring the number down

    Hello, my name is Anthony barela. I am so sorry for everyone's loss here. To date in the United States teen suicide is the number two cause of death among teens. My brothers and I would like to help bring that number down as significantly as possible. We are doing an informal survey right now in hopes of starting a nonprofit organization that will help bring counselors to schools every single quarter to just simply ask our children how they are doing. To give them help. Today, schools are stretched thin and many counselors have as many 600:1 ratios to help our young people. We would like to bring our counselors in and bring that ratio down for a few days and help our teens. Another aspect would be to lend our ears to stopping social media bullying. Today kids are not simply bullied at school they are bullied 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As parents ourselves we understand how difficult it is to constantly protect our children when it feels we do not have the weapons to protect them. If anyone would volunteer to answer these questions on this forum or in a direct message it would be of great help for us to move forward and start to find better ways to help our children. I truly appreciate your time and again I am truly sorry for your loss. 1. Would you support counselors going to your child's school and talking to them individually every quarter? 2. Would you as a parent take a social media course to help navigate your child's social media without compromising their privacy? 3. Do you as a parent feel the school system is doing enough about bullying? Please explain either yes or no. 4. At what age do you believe bullying becomes the biggest problem? 5. Finally do you believe that there are enough programs in place to help you and your child feel happy and safe? thank you so much for your time. Let's end teen suicide and protect our children together. Thank you, anthony barela
  3. Mum died 2 years go when i was 12

    So, despite my spelling and display name I am 14, my mom died of a 2 year battle with cancer- and I still feel lonely and lost without her. Those two years were extremely hard, firstly, my mom was diagnosed with cancer after being sick frequently and we had to cancel all our holidays but after around 1-2 years she got the all clear which I definitely took for granted. It was then a thursday afternoon when I got back from school with my long term best friend that she told me she only had 6 months left. I cried all night and the next day too. After around 3 months, she had surgery that failed and she was paralysed which she would cry about (she was depressed at this time). She didn't feel herself. She said she felt ugly. She was very smart too, and she said she felt as if the old her had gone. She couldn't do things with us anymore and I'd felt angry and sad and upset the whole time, there'd be times where I would collapse and not be able to breathe because I couldn't physically comprehend what was about to happen. I went to a netball match on Wednesday 12th November, and when I got back my grandma told me she was gone. I didn't cry the whole night. Me, my brother and my sister whom are both older than me all sat in the living room not really talking and I was awkwardly finding and saving pictures of nice houses as possibly a coping mechanism? I don't know. Before this, I'd fell into depression. I was self-harming, and not for attention in fact I hid it. I never talk about this, but it was the one time. After my dad noticed I explained it was because of the pain I was going through, after he forced me to talk to my mom in the hospice she was crying and felt guilty and I wanted to curl up in a ball and never talk or speak or live. After her death, I was okay. But I still have anxiety and depression disorder (GAD or the down side of Bipolar, without the mania). Year 7 was horrible, I was shy. Year 8 was gruel as I was trying to be pretty and seem normal. I have always felt ashamed of the way I look, and it was only recently my grandma and I were talking about my mom. She said she went through exactly what I did in terms of social situations, no one but my dad knows of my issue, no one (my brother does pick on me for being mentally unstable). Anyways, a couple years on and I still feel lonely and ugly. I still wish she was here so she could help me, she knows what I was going through and I just sometimes sit in bed and wonder who cares about me? Who actually do I have? My family fell apart after her death. My brother drinks and does drugs as well as being emotionally abusive to all of us, like I said with the comments, and is constantly breaking this family. My sister and I never get on. My dad is upset and moody and has a girlfriend who I like, but never spends time with us. I don't know, the sadness I've come to know and almost love. It's warming to be alone and not to have anyone, apart from my two stray cats. (I know, I'm a loner). I just don't know how long this will last. Will I ever get over her death? The memories and anger always come back, and the thought of her being so afraid before she died makes me want to too. Any comments or help will be much appreciated. - Bea.
  4. hi guys, Almost three months ago I lost my Dad to a sudden heart attack. we had no idea he was sick and he showed no symptoms of heart disease. It was so out of the blue it still feels unreal. Remembering back to the night where I had to call the ambulance and seeing my mum screaming over his body, and having to call my sister and tell her he's dead still gives me panic attacks and nightmares. It's just me and my mum in our house now since my sisters are either at uni or married. Every time i think about the night it happened I cry because there was so much blood where he fell and hit his head when he had the heart failure. there is still a crack in the tile where he hit it and it has dried blood in it that we cant get out. it feels really wrong to keep living here where he died. i hate it. i dont know if it will ever get better because i was his baby girl and i miss him too much. im not sure if i can grow up and become an adult without having my daddy there to help me. i was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder last year and my dad helped me through it all and said he was so proud of me when i overcome it. i dont think i can live without him
  5. Hi, I'm Gia. I had a 19 year old brother, Gio. I am 13, a teenager. My brother and I were very close and shared everything. We had a rough past, and went through it together. We needed each other.. On August 26th, my brother died in his sleep. It's a generic thing that only will happen to him. His body shut down by his own tissue blockage and died in his sleep. My mother found him dead. I was at school when it happened. My mother came home at 10am to find him dead. My school gets out at 3pm, and I wasn't aware of the situation at all. It was the second day of school, and an ordinary day to me. I was walking with my BEST friend, and we were walking to my stepdad's car. I had opened my snapchat, to find a picture of my friend with a sad face and crying. I thought nothing of it, and thought she just had a bad day. I also recieved a text from my brothers girlfriend, saying "I love you so much, so so much." Again, I thought nothing of it, as she was very sweet and caring. My friend and I got in my stepdads car, and I could immediately tell he was acting funny. My stepdad is a loud person, kinda like a morning person. But, that day, he was very quiet as we drove home. I asked if my friend could come over, and he said no. I asked why, and he said "Honey, she can't." I was still confused, but didn't say anything else. My stepdad took a different way to my friend's house, as the path to her house usually passed mine, but I didn't think anything of it. We then dropped my friend off, and pulled up to our house. There were police cars everywhere, about 3 or 4 approximately. I was confused, very confused. I ran out of the car, and into the house. Tons, and TONS of my family members were there, and crying with tissues. They were all staring at me, and not saying a word. I felt so confused. "What happened?" I kept asking, and no one replied. My mom came through the hallway, and didn't say anything. My body was shaking, and I felt very nervous. "Mom, what happened?" I kept asking, and she kept saying, "Come into my room." On our way to my moms room, is my brothers room. There were police officers around it, and a doctor. I heard a machine, and instantly my mind went crazy. I knew from that moment, he was gone. We arrived into my moms room, and her close friends were inside. My mom said words I wish never had to exist or be said. I cried in her arms for an hour. From there, my world came crashing down. It was the worst time. School had just started, there was an important wedding coming up, and expensive concerts. Everything was a blur, and I felt crazy. I saw my brother's body, and I can never forget the picture. Sometimes in class it just pops up in my mind. It haunts me. I didn't think I would have a life after this happened. I thought I would be homeschooled, and have no friends. I gave up, really. I didn't think I can live without him. Here I am, almost 6 months (in 2 days it will be the 6 month anniversary) from his passing. I am a strong Christian, and that really helped me with this time. I had 'signs' as my family calls them, from my brother. If you've had any, I'd love to hear them from you, and share some of mine with you. I promise it will get better, it really will. And I reccomend going to a grief support group, or a grief share. At first I thought it was stupid, but it helped to know others are in my position. I wish you the best, whoever is reading this. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.