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  1. Spoki (named after Star trek character Spock) was found on the streets 4 and half years ago. My dad took him home and I spent 2 hours cleaning him from bugs and dirt. He was beautiful white/caramel colour, the first cat I ever saw coloured like that. He was such a good cat, he would never intentionally scratch you or bite you. Even if you tried to provoke him he would just leave. He loved playing with laser and his friend Miki, our other cat. He loooved eating, he was a little fatso. Whenever he would hear opening of a chicken wrap or greek yoghurt he would come running and meowed until you'd give him something. He was a bit of a scaredy cat, you couldn't put your head near his. But he loooved cuddling and he would cuddle and purr all the time. I loved putting him on his back in my lap and he would purr and squeeze his little paws. Around 10 days ago we noticed he doesn't want to play anymore. He would just sleep, started eating less. We took him to the vet and he told us he could hear heart murmur and to go check him to another vet. They told us his heart was ok but he looked like he had heavy anemia and to draw his blood. We thought well f*** anemia you can keep it under control with iron and all that you know? But blood test results told us he had leukemia. His health was slowly deteriorating even with better food, peaceful enviroment and IV every day for 4 days. Yesterday I cuddled him for a bit but then he got excited and wanted to hide under the bed. We didn't let him and he started having a seizure, wailing and crying and trying to take a breath. He just layed there and breathed heavily. We took him to the vet and made the hardest decision of our lives. Poor love couldn't even breath anymore because of anemia, he would just suffocate to death and we didn't want him to die painfully. Vet gave him anesthesia and his little head just dropped in two seconds. It was obvious he was ready to go and that he suffered a lot. I was holding him in my lap all the way to the place where we buried him. It was like he was sleeping. It hurts so much. He was with us for only 4 short years and I don't know how I will be able to cope. Everywhere I look around the apartment I only see him, where he slept and climbed and played and sat. He was a part of the family. Miki, the other cat is searching for him around. We let him sniff him one last time so he could have closure. Sorry for the long post I just needed to let it all out. My parents and I are all devastated and on calming pills. It's so hard.
  2. Hi, my name's Ady, About 11 1/2 years ago, my cat Charlie's only remaining kitten Hope was knocked down and put down at an animal hospital before I could get to her. She was a gorgeous cat and only six months old. I got a rescue cat to take the place of Hope and after a week or so, she got on fine with Charlie. They'd even cuddle up together sometimes! Well, a few months ago, Sophie began to overgroom herself, then about three weeks ago, she started climbing onto my lap about 12 times a day (she'd normally do this about twice a day.) She was also coughing up hair and mucus, but I just put this down to her overgrooming. Just under three weeks ago, she began weeing on my bed (I thought it was the visiting stray cat doing it.) She did this three times. The next time, she wee'd on some bedding on my bedroom floor, just as I was about to go to sleep. I got really angry with her and picked her up by the scruff of the neck and shouted at her. She always went outside to do stuff, even in really cold and snowy weather. I now cry at how I did that to her. A few days later, she wee'd right in front of me over loads of my clothes on the floor and then I realised she was very ill. That night she curled up at the top of the stairs and didn't move or go outside for three days. She barely ate anything and didn't even drink much. By last Thursday, after three visits to the vets over the past two weeks, and a final diagnosis that she had kidney failure, she was very weak and looked like she was in discomfort and pain. She wouldn't eat or drink anything, except some natural yoghurt off my finger. That evening I decided she had to be put down within two days, so on Friday I got her put down at the PDSA in Wolverhampton. The thing is, I live alone, suffer from Bi-Polar Disorder, am at home most of the time (unemployed) and my cats are like children to me. I miss her little ways so much. Charlie also wonders where she is. I am under so much stress and I am crying so much and having nightmares. Hardly anyone understands what I am going through and very few offer any comfort and sympathy, let alone empathy. She's the younger black and white tuxedo cat in the photo below...