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  1. Hi! Much like many other people here I've lost my entire world, my highly unique half-wild cat, about three weeks ago to an acute attack of CKD. We've been inseparable since she was a 3-weeks-old street cat and I was an abused lonely 13-year-old. I know she's not here anymore, I grieve while doing pretty much anything since I did all I ever done with her in mind. The world has nothing else for me and I've contemplated suicide nonstop ever since she was taken from me. For a specific reason (that I'll keep to myself) I'm still here in this empty dark world but highly depressed, hateful towards life and desperately trying to find anything that'd let me know that I will see her and be with her again one day, most likely when I die myself. I had dreams about her so far and while I'm unbelievably happy to see her (in her healthy, energetic, cheerful, playful and wild self) in those dreams, I have no clue if they're just my destroyed and deeply wounded mind pointlessly trying to get me back on my feet or if they're more than just illusions and meaningless images. I'm not functioning at all and all my life has come to a halt and I simply cannot see myself dealing or coping even a little bit and due to social and family issues I'm not going to a mental health professional, so between my cries and periods of simply sitting around staring at something and just be shocked, hoping that I'd find a ray of hope, I'm reading and listening to all the opinions or experiences I can find to convince myself that this is not by any means the end of us two and since most of those around me are not supportive at all even to the point of being intentionally abusive, I'm making this topic to see what you guys think about it all or if you have any experiences about what happens to animals especially cats and dogs when they leave. And do you think we will see them and be with them again and if yes how and if you don't mind how did you come to believe in your theory? And while we're at it, some people around me told me to do things that'll make her happy if she was aware of them, but the only thing my cat wanted from me ever other than tending to her needs was for me to just sit somewhere near her and just watch her. She hated the idea of other animals in the house too which is confusing me whether helping other in-need cats/dogs would make her happy at all. So what do you think might make her happy for me to do? P.S.: I'm definitely miserable but I'm a 28-year-old too so please spare me from the Rainbow Bridge story. Personally, I'm irreligious but please, feel free to let us know what you think or believe whether you're an atheist or religious.
  2. my young dog died tragically

    Hello, on Friday the 3rd November we lost our miniature dachshund only 2 years old in a horrific incident. At a public park two big dogs came running up, one of the dogs attacked Bob and killed him. My daughter was in the playwark and witnessed this all. I am in shock and grieving so much. I am an artist and work from home, he was with me all the time and my best friend. He helped me through a tough time and just always gave unconditional love. My daughter is 9 and my son is 14, its affected the whole family and I just don't know how to deal with this pain. I can't sleep, the incident keeps replaying in my mind, I wish I have done more.. The attacking dogs didn't wear collars or anything and their jaws locked on my dog. The police is involved as well. I came to this forum as I need advice and support, I can't bear to be home... Thanks
  3. My beautiful cat ❤

    Hi, I just discovered this website. I don't know what I'm really looking for and I don't know how it really works on here but I just need to write it somewhere. Im currently at work, on my lunch break, crying like there's no tomorrow. My mom called me 3 days ago telling me they took an appointment to euthanize my beloved cat. She's my 16 years old cat. I've had her since I was 5 years old, we grew old together and she was always there when no one else was. She wont pee in her litter anymore, she barely eats (she licks it but wont eat it) and she doesnt like going out anymore or sleeping in my bed. Its been like this for quite a while. My dad is in the army and so we moved every 2-3 years. Its hard making new friends and having good people to talk to. She was aways there waiting for me when I came back home, when I had no one to talk to she was just there staring at me (yes I did talk to my cat). When I was feeling sad and cried in my bed, she'd come to me and bite my cheeks to comfort me. She always did that thing. She used to turn on her back which I called it the "Twist and Shout"... anyway... she's schedule for tonight at 6pm and I can't be there with her since im away because of college. I cant stand the fact that I wont be near her on her dying table. Ive never lost anyone in my life before and this is really affecting me. I talked to my entourage and they seem to think that I overreact. For them its "only a cat". They caught me crying and Im pretty sure they think im being childish. I just cant help it. I feel guilty for putting her down and I cant know for sure if its what she really want or if we are selfish for letting her go. Did we try everything? I feel like we didnt... I dont know how I'll take it when she'll really be gone... For anyone who actually read this, thank you. Just writinf it helped a little...
  4. Last night was terrible thus morning the slience is awful .. I feel guilt that I made that choice for him. It is with deep sadness that I must say that this afternoon the love of my life my 12 year old Bellagio the Chartreux the apple of my eye, my constant companion. Going out and coming in he was always there to greet me. He woke me each morning by gently meowing at my door so that we could go out into the garden together, He taught me everything I know about love, faithfulness, pleasure, patience honor and grace. When I was impatient with him he forgave quicky, The highlight of his day was always when I finished working around nine and lit the fire and finally he would be able to sit on my lap. The silence is deafening tonight. my Prince has gone over the bridge. I was so honoured to have such a beautiful creature in my life, this house was his he made it a home. When I travelled he made such a fuss on my return he would let me pick him up like a baby to kiss his silky ears, and gaze into his magnificent green eyes. Everyone who ever met him fell in love with him, he loved everyone and was so playful and gentle. I found him in Bellagio on Lake Como in Italy when he was a tiny silvergrey kitten with azure blue eyes. He blessed my home with his beauty. Im lucky he was at home in my arms when the executioner came. There was no cage, no sterile vets rooms with strangers and fear. He lay on the table at home wrapped in his favourite blanket I wanted him to be warm. I stroked his minksoft coat and silky ears for the last time. I was fortunate to have a garden to bury him in among my roses, I dug his grave through streams of sobbing tears digging through rocks and roots and laid him to rest wrapped in soft white shroud with white tulips and a lotus flower at his head. When I had covered the grave with many stones I lit candles to stay on the grave through the night. There under a star filled sky on a cold January night I stood Under the cherry tree I planted 8 years ago that he watched grow to 25 feet. He inhabited never corner of the garden it was his. I dont think the garden or my home will ever be the same again. I said goodbye to my Prince and felt the silence so acutely. Without his chirps and meows. He was my north, my south, my evening sky. My heart is broken