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Found 4 results

  1. In mid-August, my sister's dog died in his sleep. When I went to let him and his brother outside, I noticed that he was laying on his back. I thought it was strange because he never sleeps in. I walk over to him and there he is, dead on the ground. I have come to the conclusion that he died of organ failure, seeing as he showed few to no symptoms, he died in his sleep, and he was only a year and a half. Now I'm trying extra hard to make sure my other dog remains healthy. All is well and good now, but for the past few days I've walked in on my dog sleeping on his back and I start to panic. Just now I went to check on him and he, of course, was asleep on his back. All he did was look at me with blank eyes, and he didn't move until I walked closer to him. I was so close to crying that I had to leave.
  2. How to deal with cat loss

    Me and my girlfriend adopted this little, gray cat around two months ago, she was like 1 months old at the time and had the biggest eyes I had ever seen in a cat before. Little Mila lived with me, was always around me since I work at home, and followed me everywhere, especially every morning because she loved some bread and milk, and I just couldn't deny it. Four days ago, Mila had this horrible accident while chasing a mouse, hit her head somewhere and started bleeding a lot, her eyes were completely lost, was not able to move and was having trouble breathing; we reacted fast and took her down to a vet in like 10 minutes, where we were told her chances of surviving the hit were minimal but still possible, and had to decide to either put her to sleep or see if she could make it through the night on pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds, which I chose. We left her there on observation during the night and were later told that one of her eyes had reacted and there were chances of the other eye reacting as well. At 7am we were told that she didn't make it, and picked her up and buried her that same day. I am now having trouble staying calm in my own bedroom since it feels so empty now, and can't stop watching her pictures without bursting to tears, it took her 2 months to change everything in my life, in our routines and now I don't know how to get trough this, she was so different to other cats I've had
  3. Remembering Joy

    On 26 May our beautiful Silky Terrier, Joy, left us after 15 years - I should say my daughter's silky terrier Joy but like every beloved pet in a family she became owned by all of us in some way. I have never lost a pet before so it came as quite a shock to realise just how much I missed her, so I decided to write an Ode to Joy - so to speak. Joy took us all on such a journey, she was a minx that's for sure but she would lay her life on the line for any of us. Anyway, it has been over two months now since her little hard-working heart wore out and she began having seizures. True to the amazing dog she was, she was chasing her brother Chester and sister Katie (border collies) and keeping them in line the day before she collapsed. Because I work from home I used to spend a lot of time with Joy and Chester and Katie, who still look out for her, expecting her to pop out from behind a tree or bush. I am handling my grief by writing about her and it has taken a while but I have finally finished my tribute to Joy and invite you to wander down Memory Lane with me - http://organicfoodheals.com/loss-of-a-pet/ As part of the journey of letting go I also made a small youtube video (mainly to help my daughter Nicky who is missing Joy so much). Joy was an amazing, tenacious, clever, cheeky, naughty, loud, gorgeous companion and the best escape artist as you will see in the video. I could not believe what I saw as I was videoing her from quite a distance - one minute she was there in front of the gate, the next she was gone! It was only when watching the video back that I saw what she had done! She then had the nick-name Joydini. Big hug to you all going through this grieving experience, which is so personal and individual. I hope my tribute helps you with your loss and that as time passes and the pain of separation subsides you will again laugh at the antics and memories of your beloved pet. I wrote this poem not long after Joy had passed and we had decided to plant a pet memorial garden - our Joy rose garden. Not long after we laid Joy to rest this beautiful rosebud appeared - in the middle of winter! For Joy They say a dog is man’s best friend, but my opinion may differ; For I say Joy was a gal’s best friend, a big bark, a big soul, a big sniffer! Who protected us all from strangers galore and anyone else who dared knock on our door; Who shared all she was every moment of time and protecting her family laid her life on the line. Joy was cheeky and bright, full of life I suppose and now where she lies, there is growing a rose. ----ooo00ooo---- Here is the Blue Moon rosebud that is growing where Joy lies. That is Red in the background - Nicky's horse. Joy spent many a happy time barking at Red when he walked past the dog yard, now she gets to see him everyday.
  4. I am still in shock and really really devastated.. My world, my heart has been ripped apart and it does not get any easier.. I am trying to hard to cope with this but it is really difficult to process... i feeel like i been robbed my kira was only 6 and kayla was 12.. they were never ever sick and in the blink of an eye everything just turned bad and went wrong with no signs... i miss them so much... i feel so hopeless, i feel like there's nothing here for me... I know they would want me to move on ... they knew how much i loved them.... How to deal with this??? i can barely concentrate on class work... this is so overwhelming for me