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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, my dad is dying and I don’t understand what good is hospice care. My dad has been experiencing other symptoms like a stroke and so far he has had two strokes but the hospice won’t do anything about it. I thought the whole point of a hospice was to make my dad comfortable in his transition to death. Stroking out twice doesn’t seem too comfortable. I am so angry because will they just let him stroke out till he is dead or brain dead before they do something or is there a specific reason why they won’t do anything?
  2. I've been married 30 yrs. 2 years ago, my inlaws asked us to come back to FL to help them as they were aging. We did. The day before Thanksgiving 2016, my father in law had a stroke. He was sent to rehab. Dec 29, 2016 I took mt Mother in law to the ER, she had to have a triple bypass. They both went to the same rehab/nursing home for 3 months. My FIL also had Alzheimer's. Hospice was involved with both of them after they came home and their health degraded so quickly. I think the rehab did something or didn't do something to cause this. My MIL had a stroke while in rehab because they took away her blood thinners. My FIL came home around Feb 25 2017 (give or take) and I was his caregiver all day everyday. He was a wonderfully funny & entertaining person. On May 4, he told me "I'm gonna miss you Tricia". I broke down in tears & ran out of the house. It hurt cause I knew! He then asked for my youngest son, I won't reveal what he said to him but it was nice. The next morning, he passed away. I was broken hearted. It was a joy & a pleasure to care for him. My MIL came home May 3,2017, I was her caregiver too. On June 14, 2017, I talked her into the light. She was suffering, had the "rattle" so I to,d her to head towards the light. She passed while I was talking to her & rubbing her arm & forehead. I dressed her in her favorite dress so she'd be pretty when she got to heaven. My heart was broken again. These people were like my own parents & now in 6 weeks they were both gone. I was caregiver for both of them. I don't know if I'll ever get over this. I'm 55, hubby is 61. I'm taking this loss a lot harder than he is. It really hurts. We didn't even get a chance to grieve the loss of my FIL and now she's gone too. I feel responsible though hospice said I went above and beyond. I did treat them both with love, care & respect. I loved these two people. Recap FIL passed May 5 2017 & MIL passed June 14, 2017 How do I get over this? How can I stop blaming myself? Is it my fault? I can't sleep, I can't eat. My stomach is in knots. I feel sick every time I try to eat. I'm hoping someone here can at least commiserate with me. Thanks to all! The pic of them was 1 1/2 yrs ago. It's unbelievable
  3. Does anyone else feel scared for the afterlife after a loss? I lost my grandfather (the man who raised me after my father passed away from cancer when I was 6) in early February of this year. He was on and off hospice for four years and was being care giver by my mother and I in our own home. He was unable to walk and had problems. So the death was not a super sudden surprise, but the timing of it was surprising. Losing another parent figure in my life broke me and I paid and made the funeral arrangements on my own, when it came time to see his body, I saw it and left gifts in his casket. I have tried to move on with life and have been successful at doing that so far but every day haunts me. I feel that he will return and that he's just at a doctors appointment right now. I cannot accept that he is gone. I try to remember him when he is alive but the image of his body and him in his hospice bed haunt me and break my heart. I am not very religious, but I do believe in an afterlife. But after his death, not only have I had the image of his body in such horrible conditions in my head, I fear that there is no afterlife. I fear that he just went to sleep and that his soul isn't out there watching after me. I try to tell myself ofherwise because I want his soul to be living on, guiding me, and looking down at me, but the thought that there is no soul or afterlife haunts me and makes things worse but I cannot stop thinking such thoughts. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I would love some advice or someone who can relate to these struggles I sm having..
  4. My husband died 12/22/13 after a four month illness. One day he turned yellow and within a week he was having a 13 hour surgery. 2 weeks in hospital and 2 weeks home with a feeding tube. The feeding tube clogged at home and we went to the hospital two hours away. They admitted him and the next morning he had a burst aneurism (sp). He survived bc he was in the hospital only to die three months later. Don't understand why he survived and had to suffer. My husband was in and out of the hospital until we took him home on hospice. Our sons 27 and 25, myself and the girlfriend of the 25 year old cared for him equally until he passed away at home a week later. Funeral is over and kids have left. I am here myself and cannot get myself to go.back to work. HELP
  5. Hey guys and gals, I wish we could be meeting under better circumstances but here we are, like most on this site, I have just lost a loved one to cancer and it has given me a boost to try and do something to help, so i am going to try and raise some money for my local hospice, why i am on here is to ask for anyone out there who wants to honor their loved ones, to email me any pictures of them, you wish to share so I can put together a video for the song I have dedicated to my friend, to have a listen here it is let me know, if you would like your loved ones to be added to the final video and send me an email danielboland81@hotmail.com all my love and may your pain ease in time xx dan