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  1. June 6th 2013 I lost my baby, my side kick and my best friend of almost 13 years. Her name is KiKi she was a tiny little calico who came into my life by accident but stole my heart right from the start, When I adopted this baby girl into my life I took her straight to the vet and had health work ups done on her to find that she had FIV which is the feline form of AIDS , I promised this lil lady that I would take care of her every need all the way to the end and that I would give her the best possible life I could , The vets at that time gave her a prognosis of about 10 years if she was well taken care of . Over the years this little girl became so much more than just a cat , I never thought I could become so attached to her and through the years it's as almost as if she actually was a part of me I loved her as family. Everyday for almost 13 years she was there for me , she would do so many adorable and funny things to make me smile or feel better when I was ill myself. She was never a bad kitty ever in fact if you could describe the perfect feline companion Kiki was all of it. I always thought to myself , "What the heck will I do the day I lose her?" and I just knew that when day came I would be a huge mess! Boy was I right ! a mess doesn't even start to describe how I felt when I saw my baby girl start to get sick , she lost so much weight and couldn't do the things she once could , I just knew something was terribly wrong so I took her to the vet and he confirmed she was very ill. My kitty was suffering with end stage liver disease and I didn't even know she was sick , (I feel so guilty I didn't catch it sooner ; ( It brings up all the guilt of could I had helped her ? Then they had to run a bunch of other tests to see if she had some heart disease and possible cancer ,,,I was so distraught , It came on so fast just two weeks earlier she was jumping and playing ... What the hell?!?!? ...So after he prescribed more medications for her , drained her abdominal fluid , gave her an antibiotic shot , I took her home to care for her and await the upcoming test results. It seemed like after that vist to the vet and the new meds side effects Kiki got weaker and sicker , though she still ate small amounts she was hardly moving around , stopped drinking as much and was so to herself , My vet never actually used the words she is ready to pass or maybe we should consider euthanasia so I guess deep down inside I knew what was coming but I had this tiny bit of hope that I could nurse her better with all the meds they had given me. Apparently I was in denial . I myself suffer from chronic anxiety and depression so this was triggering every emotion in me and I was on the internet for hours every day and night trying to find a cure or some help of any sort. I just could not let her go without a fight , The night before she passed I read online that humans and pets with liver disease can benefit from a product called milk thistle which is suppose to be safe with no side effects so I thought hey I have tried everything else and nothing is working she is just getting worse so why not . I went to the store purchased this product and brought it home , read up on how to give it to my kitty and what dose , Thursday June 6th 2013 , I woke up in the morning and did my usual rounds with my pets feedings , When I went to feed Kiki she didn't want to make her usual trip downstairs so I brought her food and medicines upstairs I gave her her food of which she ate a bit but refused her water, I went ahead and gave her her prescribed doses of meds and she was just not happy , Looking for a place to just lay down , I waited a little while and then went to make up a small dose of the milk thistle I diluted it with water to help it go down . I went to give it to her and she was just kinda exhausted , I gave it to her at which point it just kinda dripped out of her mouth ,I'm not sure if she got any of it down or not but she salivated and threw up immediately , right after she threw up her little body collapsed and she went into sudden cardiac arrest which is instant death , I tried to give her CPR but her little body let go while I was holding her. My baby was gone !!!! I was so distraught and I began to blame myself , The sadness , the guilt , the anger , the pain , the disbelief , all of it hitting me at once and I was alone. After that happened I went through all the stages over and over ,,,, especially the guilt so I contacted my vet who reassured me that the milk thistle was safe and not the cause of her death , she was very ill ,it was her time to go and out of anyones control , and although it eased part of my guilt the intense sadness and pain remain because my girl is still gone regardless of what took her life. OK so Now the grieving process was to begin and I wasn't ready for it .... How do I hold myself together and get through this ? With not too many people understanding how someone can get so emotionally attached to a kitty , Who do I turn to for support? My emotions became overwhelming and the tears seem to be never ending. It does not help that I suffer from chronic anxiety and depression so the grief has triggered not only emotional but severe physical responses. I wonder if anyone else has been through this ? ... Will I get through this? .... Thank you so much for reading my post Sincerely KikI's Mom ( forever in my heart )