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  1. My girlfriend just passed away

    My girlfriend and I met in late may of 2017, and we hit it off , we clicked, it was her first relationship and mine too, we had not been with any other person before us. We got really close , we cared for each other we loved each other....I will always say "I love you so much babe" and she would always say " I love you plenty " but I knew she really did love me so much. As we got closer we shared our secrets to each other, it was so perfect like a match really made in heaven. I knew I always wanted to be with her always. She gave me inner peace and peace of mind and I always told her that, and she told me that she never wanted anything to come between us. She ways definitely my bbestfriend and buddy.. we would talk everyday on the phone when we were apart ....I mean we spoke morning, afternoon and night. One day she revealed to me that she was sickle cell , that she had SS genotype after I noticed her falling ill quite regularly, after she told me this I looked at her into her eyes the next morning and I felt so sorry for her and I teared a little while I gazed into her eyes which was quite green cos she had jaundice as well. I took it upon myself that what she needed in this life is definitely love and genuine love . From that point I put her health condition to side and I never brought it up ...I would always tell her I love her and would not leave her because she started to feel I would leave her because of her health. She trusted me with it and I loved her really with my soul, she really tapped into my soul. As our relationship went on she feel ill from time to time and I noticed she wasn't so proactive about her health as someone with that illness would be...but she never wanted it to bother me and she would get upset when I get so emotional about it...so I slowed down about the health issues. Couple days before she died she fell ill with herpartitis and it was so high .....I remember one of our last conversations about her health where I got mad for her vomiting in her room and no one was there and she told me that I need to stop worrying so much that it was not as if she was dying or something.....and she told me that she appreciated me for standing with her through her illness without running away or leaving her...I mean how could i....I loved her so much. On the 13th of November 2017 I had tried calling her throughout the day and her phone was switched off...so later at night she called me around 10pm and said she was at the hospital.....I tried to stay calm due to our previous discussion about her health and acted so calm telling her she was gonna be fine and stuff like that...then I wanted to talk more to her ...ask her how her day was..then she told me that she didn't want to talk ....she just wanted to reach out to me after a whole day of no conversation....so I said I was gonna call her back but she didn't not reply me ....so I felt she probably didn't hear me and dropped the call since she was not so well at that moment. So I called her line like an hour later but it was switched off again ....so for the second time I said a prayer for her before I went to bed ....that was our last conversation on the phone....on the 14th the next day I receive a call from her sister telling me to be strong and that she was already dead as at the early hours of 2 am ....I felt so shut down that day I cried in pain...even some days later.....I was also completing my last exams in college the day she was buried..it was such a bitter graduation for me...I also did not get to see her lying in state as well....I miss my baby so much she was all that to me and the favorite in her family....she was so precious to me .....I think of her every time even when I try to exercise to get my mind off a little bit...I feel so heartbroken and sorrowful about her and she was just 18 years while I'm 22 years old...I was kind of like a brother a friend and her lover too.... LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY......YOU WERE DEFINITELY WORTH EVERYTHING TO ME RIP Sophia....see you again
  2. So basically I was dating my best friend. Our relationship goes back a few years. I met her about roughly 6 to 7 years ago. We tried dating anyways it didn't work. She moved 3 provinces away from me and we started to reconnect about 2 years ago. She came down and visited all of her friends and that's when we started dating. Long story short we were crazy in love and she eventually moved back and moved in with me. She always talked about how she's never been so happy because we were best friends. We knew everything about each other. Anyways the one weekend I needed to see my dad because ever since we moved in together I hadn't seen him in a while so she went and stayed with her dad for a bit. Another long story short she ended up ending her life that weekend. It's been 5 months without her and I still don't think I'm goin to make it. I still cry uncontrollably. I still and deeply in love with her and everyday life tasks are harder than ever. I would have given up anyone in my life to have her back. I went through a lot of stuff in my life and even when it was bad it was never that bad because I had her. Now I'm lost. I'm basically like living to die. I'm not actually alive though because it just seems like nothing in this life will ever compare to making me as happy as she did. I miss her and I just don't know how to get through this. - Luke
  3. Hi there my girlfriend and i have been together 4 months now and have had a great relationship so far. 2 weeks ago her brother died in a tragic accident, she lost another brother to suicide 12 years ago. I was there at the wake and for her as best i could i kept telling her im here anytime for her. She was hugging me and talking to me the days leading up to the funeral. But now she hardly answers my texts, doesnt want me calling to see her and doesnt answer the phone. She did text me the day after the funeral and said she didn't feel i gave her the proper support she needed whereas her friends talked and cried with her giving her total support. Her friends know her for years and her family and her brother that died. I had'nt met her parents to the wake so i can understand why she can talk to them instead of me. I don't want to crowd her so i have been texting once in the morning and once at night but she sometimes does'nt answer. Im at the stage now where im thinking maybe i should leave her alone for a few days then text her again? I fear by doing this she might think i don't care and we could drift apart. She did say once that she knows where i am if she needs me. I don't want to make this about me as she is the one grieving but i would love to be there to support her. We are both 36 years old....any advice would be greatly appreicated!
  4. Just six days ago, my fiance came to bed and within a few minutes had a heart attack,. I called 911 and they instructed me to pull him to the floor and do chest compressions. He was not breathing and the compressions seemed to have no effect. Finally EMS came and worked on him for some time with no luck. FInally after he was in the ambulance they got his heart beating and he was breathing on his own. At the emergency room the doctor told me he was stable and was movign him to a better hospital with a cardiac program. AFter hours in the cath lab the doctor told me the did restore some of the blood flow but my fiance would most likely have brain damage. About a half hour later the nurse took me to see him in the ICU and basically told me nothing else could be done they needed to contact his parents.They had to keep him on life support for hours until his sister could arrive. he coded 5 times until they were no longer able to revive him. I want to see if anyone else out there has eperience this with a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance or spouse. Family members too but I think its a little different when its your partner. I really need to talkto someone who had the heartattack happen while you were with your loved one.
  5. My mother died about three months ago. I'm still wrestling with the loss, as everyone seems to be of their loved ones on these posts. I think my father, who was devastated by her death, might be looking into finding a companion. I just saw a 'match.com' email pop up on his computer, and he asked me what 'GSOH' stands for later. And he keeps telling me I need to clean out my mothers closet, dispose of her things. To say it never even occurred to me that there might be a new woman potentially coming into my fathers life, even as an casual acquaintance for company, at this time would be an understatement. It is the very last thing I need right now, to be coping with the fear, anxiety, uncertainty and other unwelcome emotions of someone new on the scene. The death of my mother is overwhelming enough. To add to it, to think of having to give emotionally to some stranger, seems just impossible, when my emotional reservoir is overdrawn as it is at present . It's none of my business whatsoever who he chooses to spend his social time with of course, but the idea of having to meet and try and make an effort and establish some kind of good rapport with a woman he brings home, when I still seem to only have the energy to deal with the loss of my mother, seems like too much to ask. And I don't even know if it's happening. At this point its just the fear of it happening, that's bad enough. What may bolster him emotionally would just be a further emotional drain on me, at a time when I don't know if I have the resources to withstand it. And to add to that, the time I have with the one support I do have (him), would be further compromised if he started seeing someone new. The emotional bank balance would be so overdrawn I don't know if I could take it. And nothings even happened yet. They say worry never did anyone any good, but it's hard not too.
  6. My partner is currently going through a grieving process and undertaking professional help following the suicide of his ex partner. The event happened at the very start of our relationship almost a year ago and he has been in denial and pushed it to one side for some time in order to not have to deal with it. We have been together for a year now and we have both admittedly been in denial as to what happened. He said it wasn't hurting him, or causing him guilt and I was happy to to believe this, but we both knew it wasn't true. Today he will start his first class with a professional to talk through what he is going through. Is anybody going through the same thing? Its the hardest thing to see someone hurt so much and know that I need to give him space and understand its not something he can talk to me about. (Talking about it has caused huge difficulties and at times pushed him to feel that we would need to separate in order for him to deal with it.) More than anything I want him to be happy and deal with all the pain he is feeling, and I want to be there for him when and if he needs me. I can't bear the thought that he could decide that he feels we can no longer be together if he is going to deal with this, I don't want him to push away the people that he loves and who love him unconditionally.
  7. Hello, About two months ago my girlfriend lost her grandmother to a long battle with Alzheimer's. Since the time she found out she was passing away until now she hasn't been herself. She was really close to her grandmother (who raised her); a motherly figure and she took care of her daily up until her passing at the end of July. Once involved in our relationship, she's been very withdrawn. She's been sleeping on the couch and seems to "clock in and clock out." Last week I sent her an encouraging text about her grandmother and she seemed to be her old self for a little while although she talked about being tired. Afterwards I confronted her about the situation and she told me she has a lot on her mind now and hasn't felt the same since her grandmother's passing, even in terms of our relationship; in which me, her, and her 5 year old daughter live together. So she broke up with me last week on the basis of her feeling empty inside and needing time to figure things out. She's been really random with her decision making as of late, not herself. Once very methodical, she's been very indecisive. It got so bad last week, I had to go to my father's for the night to refocus myself, to prevent myself from saying something I would later regret. I talked to her aunt about the situation in confidence and she told me about how several days ago she spent one day crying along with her trying to get back to being herself. When I returned the next day she talked about how even when at work or hanging out with her friends she stills feel bad, she even thinks that her grandmother's passing is her fault. I've been reading about how difficult grief is for a person and those closest to them. I word like some advice on how to handle the situation. I love her and her daughter, but I'm a little fearul of what she's going to do next because her decisions will impact all three of us. What can I do to make the grieving process less impactful on the mood of the house as a whole. Thanks.