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Found 6 results

  1. In mid-August, my sister's dog died in his sleep. When I went to let him and his brother outside, I noticed that he was laying on his back. I thought it was strange because he never sleeps in. I walk over to him and there he is, dead on the ground. I have come to the conclusion that he died of organ failure, seeing as he showed few to no symptoms, he died in his sleep, and he was only a year and a half. Now I'm trying extra hard to make sure my other dog remains healthy. All is well and good now, but for the past few days I've walked in on my dog sleeping on his back and I start to panic. Just now I went to check on him and he, of course, was asleep on his back. All he did was look at me with blank eyes, and he didn't move until I walked closer to him. I was so close to crying that I had to leave.
  2. Hi! Much like many other people here I've lost my entire world, my highly unique half-wild cat, about three weeks ago to an acute attack of CKD. We've been inseparable since she was a 3-weeks-old street cat and I was an abused lonely 13-year-old. I know she's not here anymore, I grieve while doing pretty much anything since I did all I ever done with her in mind. The world has nothing else for me and I've contemplated suicide nonstop ever since she was taken from me. For a specific reason (that I'll keep to myself) I'm still here in this empty dark world but highly depressed, hateful towards life and desperately trying to find anything that'd let me know that I will see her and be with her again one day, most likely when I die myself. I had dreams about her so far and while I'm unbelievably happy to see her (in her healthy, energetic, cheerful, playful and wild self) in those dreams, I have no clue if they're just my destroyed and deeply wounded mind pointlessly trying to get me back on my feet or if they're more than just illusions and meaningless images. I'm not functioning at all and all my life has come to a halt and I simply cannot see myself dealing or coping even a little bit and due to social and family issues I'm not going to a mental health professional, so between my cries and periods of simply sitting around staring at something and just be shocked, hoping that I'd find a ray of hope, I'm reading and listening to all the opinions or experiences I can find to convince myself that this is not by any means the end of us two and since most of those around me are not supportive at all even to the point of being intentionally abusive, I'm making this topic to see what you guys think about it all or if you have any experiences about what happens to animals especially cats and dogs when they leave. And do you think we will see them and be with them again and if yes how and if you don't mind how did you come to believe in your theory? And while we're at it, some people around me told me to do things that'll make her happy if she was aware of them, but the only thing my cat wanted from me ever other than tending to her needs was for me to just sit somewhere near her and just watch her. She hated the idea of other animals in the house too which is confusing me whether helping other in-need cats/dogs would make her happy at all. So what do you think might make her happy for me to do? P.S.: I'm definitely miserable but I'm a 28-year-old too so please spare me from the Rainbow Bridge story. Personally, I'm irreligious but please, feel free to let us know what you think or believe whether you're an atheist or religious.
  3. Podcast idea

    Hey y'all. My name's Brad & I'm from Melbourne Australia. A few weeks ago I laid my beautiful Ridgeback x Kelpie to rest on a friend's property near her favourite river. I had the idea to start a new podcast, talking to and connecting with other like-minded folks who have lost their furry loved ones. Any thoughts? I have hosted a comedy / film podcast for about 18 months now, and already this idea in my head is more satisfying. I hope I can bring it to life, but am trying to get honest feedback on things you think may or may not work if I end up creating it. Thanks! Brad
  4. On Saturday Dec. 3rd, my 15 year old dachshund-cocker spaniel (Brandie) fell into our pool and drowned. I told my dad everyday and even that morning that he had to stay outside with her so this wouldn't happen. She was losing her eyesight and couldn't swim in her old age; besides that the water was freezing. I wasn't home at the time, and I know my dad is absolutely distraught. I feel guilty because Brandie knew it was my job to protect her and I wasn't there. Before my mom died of cancer in 2010, she told me to take good care of Brandie and I feel like I have let them both down. I knew I had to make that dreadful decision soon to part ways with Brandie, and I even asked my dog in silence that morning when I would know it was time to let her go. Perhaps she made that decision on her own. I still can't shake the guilt of not being there when this happened. I got her on my 8th birthday and she's the only dog I ever had.
  5. Saying goodbye

    We are losing our beautiful, spunky 15 y.o. Kelly. She turned 15 in March and we are so grateful to have had all these wonderful years with her, but the pain is breathtaking already. We got her as a puppy when I was in 8th grade...now I'm a year married and looking at her is looking back at half my life. She has been my best friend & companion, kisser of tears and bruises, my partner in sassy-ness. Since her birthday she has been slowing down considerably but the last two weeks, she has taken a real turn. Not eating, walking into a room and just staring blankly, not wanting to go outside or do anything. She will barely wiggle her tail. My poor sweet girl is a shadow of her former self and I know it's a matter of days or hours until we have to say goodbye. I keep telling myself that she had the best life and it was long and full of love. Somehow, those thoughts just can't touch the impending dread and crushing sadness. We lost our first Wheaten terrier in a tragic accident and I always thought how grateful I would be to get to say goodbye to Kelly on her terms and ours but now I would do anything for more time with her. My mom called the vet this morning to update her on Kelly and the vet basically said if you want to bring her in you have to do it tomorrow afternoon, otherwise no appointments until next week. My mom took the appointment because she didn't know what else to do but we're going to cancel it. It was unbearable all day just having this time echoing in my mind that we were going to let her go. We found another place where you don't have to make an appointment in advance which is more tolerable. We won't let her suffer, but I don't want to give up on her either. Going to see how tonight goes. Any thoughts, etc. are most appreciated.
  6. depression for the loss of dogs

    August 26 2014 I lost my dog 'King' and then January 24 2015 I lost my other dog 'Brandy' who is also kings mother. I've been devastated since 'King' died but now 'Brandy' died too. My world is shattered I dont want to live anymore. Im so lost I miss my dogs everyday. Im on antidepressants to try to help with my suffering but it helpt at first but that time has past the shock of never seeing my dogs again hurts even more. I know alot of people think im mad going crazy over dogs but they was my life. I was single didn't have a girl friend so I pretty much spent alot of my time with friends and my dogs. Now im both dogs are gone and im lonely and im not sure how to live now