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  1. 2 years ago on July 2nd, 2015 an angel came into my life. I had had cats my entire life but this one was unlike any I'd ever known. I rescued him from a horrible situation-he had a broken leg and was scarily malnourished. He was under a month old. I raised money to pay for his surgery on his leg, I nursed him back to health, and I took him back East with me for my senior year of college. He was my best friend. In college I was depressed, lonely, isolated, and angry. But he was there with me through it all, helping to make my life easier. I got him another kitty to spend his days with, and she loved him as much as I did. They were my children, my angels, my best friends, and best friends to each other. They spent 9 months with me in college, and then moved back home with me when I graduated. Everyone loved him, though. She was a sweet kitty, but he was special. I named him Lumière, because he was the light of my life. We live in a coyote populated territory. But they loved the outdoors more than anything. I didn't want to deprive them of a life they enjoyed. So I allowed them access to the outside world, and they had the most amazing life. She's still with me, but she's not the same. We're both trying to cope. He went missing exactly a month ago. I can't cope. I feel guilty every second. I feel like a part of me is gone. I haven't talked to anyone about this because people judge it being a pet, but even typing this I feel a little better. I'm not a good mother, I should never have let him outside. He was too slow, too friendly, too domestic. I should've been smarter. I can't deal with this pain. I will never feel whole again.
  2. June 6th 2013 I lost my baby, my side kick and my best friend of almost 13 years. Her name is KiKi she was a tiny little calico who came into my life by accident but stole my heart right from the start, When I adopted this baby girl into my life I took her straight to the vet and had health work ups done on her to find that she had FIV which is the feline form of AIDS , I promised this lil lady that I would take care of her every need all the way to the end and that I would give her the best possible life I could , The vets at that time gave her a prognosis of about 10 years if she was well taken care of . Over the years this little girl became so much more than just a cat , I never thought I could become so attached to her and through the years it's as almost as if she actually was a part of me I loved her as family. Everyday for almost 13 years she was there for me , she would do so many adorable and funny things to make me smile or feel better when I was ill myself. She was never a bad kitty ever in fact if you could describe the perfect feline companion Kiki was all of it. I always thought to myself , "What the heck will I do the day I lose her?" and I just knew that when day came I would be a huge mess! Boy was I right ! a mess doesn't even start to describe how I felt when I saw my baby girl start to get sick , she lost so much weight and couldn't do the things she once could , I just knew something was terribly wrong so I took her to the vet and he confirmed she was very ill. My kitty was suffering with end stage liver disease and I didn't even know she was sick , (I feel so guilty I didn't catch it sooner ; ( It brings up all the guilt of could I had helped her ? Then they had to run a bunch of other tests to see if she had some heart disease and possible cancer ,,,I was so distraught , It came on so fast just two weeks earlier she was jumping and playing ... What the hell?!?!? ...So after he prescribed more medications for her , drained her abdominal fluid , gave her an antibiotic shot , I took her home to care for her and await the upcoming test results. It seemed like after that vist to the vet and the new meds side effects Kiki got weaker and sicker , though she still ate small amounts she was hardly moving around , stopped drinking as much and was so to herself , My vet never actually used the words she is ready to pass or maybe we should consider euthanasia so I guess deep down inside I knew what was coming but I had this tiny bit of hope that I could nurse her better with all the meds they had given me. Apparently I was in denial . I myself suffer from chronic anxiety and depression so this was triggering every emotion in me and I was on the internet for hours every day and night trying to find a cure or some help of any sort. I just could not let her go without a fight , The night before she passed I read online that humans and pets with liver disease can benefit from a product called milk thistle which is suppose to be safe with no side effects so I thought hey I have tried everything else and nothing is working she is just getting worse so why not . I went to the store purchased this product and brought it home , read up on how to give it to my kitty and what dose , Thursday June 6th 2013 , I woke up in the morning and did my usual rounds with my pets feedings , When I went to feed Kiki she didn't want to make her usual trip downstairs so I brought her food and medicines upstairs I gave her her food of which she ate a bit but refused her water, I went ahead and gave her her prescribed doses of meds and she was just not happy , Looking for a place to just lay down , I waited a little while and then went to make up a small dose of the milk thistle I diluted it with water to help it go down . I went to give it to her and she was just kinda exhausted , I gave it to her at which point it just kinda dripped out of her mouth ,I'm not sure if she got any of it down or not but she salivated and threw up immediately , right after she threw up her little body collapsed and she went into sudden cardiac arrest which is instant death , I tried to give her CPR but her little body let go while I was holding her. My baby was gone !!!! I was so distraught and I began to blame myself , The sadness , the guilt , the anger , the pain , the disbelief , all of it hitting me at once and I was alone. After that happened I went through all the stages over and over ,,,, especially the guilt so I contacted my vet who reassured me that the milk thistle was safe and not the cause of her death , she was very ill ,it was her time to go and out of anyones control , and although it eased part of my guilt the intense sadness and pain remain because my girl is still gone regardless of what took her life. OK so Now the grieving process was to begin and I wasn't ready for it .... How do I hold myself together and get through this ? With not too many people understanding how someone can get so emotionally attached to a kitty , Who do I turn to for support? My emotions became overwhelming and the tears seem to be never ending. It does not help that I suffer from chronic anxiety and depression so the grief has triggered not only emotional but severe physical responses. I wonder if anyone else has been through this ? ... Will I get through this? .... Thank you so much for reading my post Sincerely KikI's Mom ( forever in my heart )
  3. So, despite my spelling and display name I am 14, my mom died of a 2 year battle with cancer- and I still feel lonely and lost without her. Those two years were extremely hard, firstly, my mom was diagnosed with cancer after being sick frequently and we had to cancel all our holidays but after around 1-2 years she got the all clear which I definitely took for granted. It was then a thursday afternoon when I got back from school with my long term best friend that she told me she only had 6 months left. I cried all night and the next day too. After around 3 months, she had surgery that failed and she was paralysed which she would cry about (she was depressed at this time). She didn't feel herself. She said she felt ugly. She was very smart too, and she said she felt as if the old her had gone. She couldn't do things with us anymore and I'd felt angry and sad and upset the whole time, there'd be times where I would collapse and not be able to breathe because I couldn't physically comprehend what was about to happen. I went to a netball match on Wednesday 12th November, and when I got back my grandma told me she was gone. I didn't cry the whole night. Me, my brother and my sister whom are both older than me all sat in the living room not really talking and I was awkwardly finding and saving pictures of nice houses as possibly a coping mechanism? I don't know. Before this, I'd fell into depression. I was self-harming, and not for attention in fact I hid it. I never talk about this, but it was the one time. After my dad noticed I explained it was because of the pain I was going through, after he forced me to talk to my mom in the hospice she was crying and felt guilty and I wanted to curl up in a ball and never talk or speak or live. After her death, I was okay. But I still have anxiety and depression disorder (GAD or the down side of Bipolar, without the mania). Year 7 was horrible, I was shy. Year 8 was gruel as I was trying to be pretty and seem normal. I have always felt ashamed of the way I look, and it was only recently my grandma and I were talking about my mom. She said she went through exactly what I did in terms of social situations, no one but my dad knows of my issue, no one (my brother does pick on me for being mentally unstable). Anyways, a couple years on and I still feel lonely and ugly. I still wish she was here so she could help me, she knows what I was going through and I just sometimes sit in bed and wonder who cares about me? Who actually do I have? My family fell apart after her death. My brother drinks and does drugs as well as being emotionally abusive to all of us, like I said with the comments, and is constantly breaking this family. My sister and I never get on. My dad is upset and moody and has a girlfriend who I like, but never spends time with us. I don't know, the sadness I've come to know and almost love. It's warming to be alone and not to have anyone, apart from my two stray cats. (I know, I'm a loner). I just don't know how long this will last. Will I ever get over her death? The memories and anger always come back, and the thought of her being so afraid before she died makes me want to too. Any comments or help will be much appreciated. - Bea.
  4. My wife's brother-in-law was recently killed in action overseas, leaving behind his wife and two-year-old son. They have moved in with us, coming from a base in a different state. My wife's sister is having a terrible time coping with her husband's death (she is very young), and she is suffering from crippling depression for which she is seeing a psychiatrist and a grief counsellor. Unfortunately her illness is making it hard for her to give her little boy all the care and attention he needs at this traumatic time. Because of the foreign deployment, my nephew didn't know his father well or spend much time with him: Dad was home around the birth, for about four months, and then back for a short leave that ended three months before his death. Still I know my nephew feels the void in his life, and he is also very aware of his mother's suffering. She is doing her very best to care for him, but she is very ill herself at the moment, and can only do so much. My wife is a huge support for her, but there's not much I can do except step up with the household stuff. However, I really want to do what I can to help my nephew, who's also grieving. I've taken a leave of absence so there's always someone home to care for him when his mother can't cope (my wife was unable to take time herself). I've been focusing on playing with him, reading, crayons, trips to the park, lots of cuddles and singing, but I don't know what else to do. I know it is best to keep from disrupting a toddler's routine at such a time, and we have been trying to keep it as consistent as we can. This isn't easy with the change of environment, as I'm sure you can imagine, but we're doing our best. I was wondering what else folks can suggest as far as ways to help him. My nephew is such a sweet little boy, and I want him to have a rich and supportive childhood. He's very physically affectionate, and we are trying to encourage that as much as we can. My children (first marriage) are away at college, and I'm honestly out of practice in toddler care. My wife can't have babies of her own, so her last real experience with little ones was when her sister was small. Has anyone been through the same kind of loss with a two-year-old? I'd be grateful for any advice or stories to help. I don't want to take the place of his father, but I'd love to be a positive male presence in his life.
  5. Hi I was dx w/ALS in 2012. Then in 2014, after my first heart attack I was dx with CHF. About 6 months or so ago I was dx w/afib. From what I have read when a pt who has CHF & an ef < 35 (mine is about 15) the pt surviving more than a year is grim. But I have been told a few times now that I didn't have much longer & I'm still here. They are just going off of statistics & everyone is different so they really don't know, they are just guessing; But now is different. I'm tired & much weakerr & on most days I think that I would welcome death sooner than later. But I'm not sure if that's how I feel or just depression. Actually I'm not sure it matters. Does any1 else ever feel like this.
  6. My beloved cat, Starbuck, died on Monday, January 16th. He was diagnosed with cancer about a week prior, and the vets at his care center gave him his first chemo treatment the day after diagnosis. Starbuck's full story can be found here : Starbuck's GoFundMe Page (we are no longer seeking donations). Long story short (unless you followed the link), Starbuck got better, then worse, then a little better, then even worse, and through it all, the doctors continued to give me hope, saying things like, "If we can just get him over this hump, the chemo can do its work", and "If we can just get food in him for a few days, he'll be much more stable." I just wanted my kitty to live a little longer, and it seemed like a real possibility, the way they explained it, and all the research I did online seemed to support what they were saying. But after we'd spent $6000 on blood transfusions and a feeding tube and meds and oxygen and ultrasounds and centesis and hospitalization, we ran out of money. The vet called me Monday morning to check in, and let me know Starbuck was doing about the same. I informed him that we had to bring Starbuck home at this point, because we were flat broke. He said he'd write up some detailed instructions for home care. My dog died in November of 2016, we'd had to have her euthanized at this same veterinary facility. The cost was $900. My four children and I got Starbuck home around 1pm. He was MUCH worse off than I'd been led to believe. He was pitiful, and it was obvious he did not have long. My kids were seeing this first hand, and with the exception of one holdout, we agreed that Starbuck needed to be put to sleep, as a kindness. The one holdout, my oldest son, was fully on board with euthanasia by the time of Starbuck's death, which was at 2:30. Until the last minute, he'd still had hope we might find some more money, or that one more dose of medicine might help, or maybe if we waited long enough, Starbuck would improve. He was grasping for any straw out there, he wanted his kitty to live, and I love him for it. Unfortunately, we never had time to act on the euthanasia plan, even though I had found someone to come to our home and do it, at a price my parents were willing to pay, due to our current financial situation. I had read up on ways to comfort a sick and dying cat, and we'd prepared our home in every way we possibly could. He had a cozy bed and blankets in a warm, quiet, draft-free part of the house. His water dish and litter box were right at hand. We had quiet nature sounds playing, and soft, indirect lighting for him to see by. There was room for all of us to gather around him and pet him. We had tried to see to Starbuck's every comfort, and between the five of us, we were ready to provide round the clock care. It wasn't enough. His ending was awful. We were all there, petting him, telling him we loved him, saying that it was okay to stop fighting and let go. He gasped his last breath surrounded by loved ones, but it wasn't peaceful, it wasn't dignified, and I wished to god I'd had enough time to arrange a better ending for him. He was such a good kitty, he was so sweet and gentle and funny, he was so LOVED, and he didn't deserve to die like that, to spend his last moments on earth in distress and pain. I can't stop seeing it over and over in my mind, and it hurts more than anything I've ever experienced. How do I get past this? I can't sleep, I can't eat, and everything I see reminds me of Starbuck. I'm a useless person while I'm consumed with this much grief and guilt, and I want to get better. What do I do?
  7. Thursday January 19th I had to say goodbye to my best friend Gracie. She was much more than a pet dog. She was a friend, a family member and a constant bright spot in our lives. She was a Schnauzer Spaniel mix and lived to be 8yrs old. Her health was fading and we spent many trips to the vet to get her well. She was scheduled to have surgery on the 19th to have lumps removed near her lymph nodes. They postponed the surgery because of swelling in her throat and decided it was too risky. We were going to bring her back home that evening and wait for a better time. My Wife went to pick her up I stayed home. After an hour I received the 2nd worst phone call I've ever had, the first being the loss of my Mother. My wife called to say that we had to put Gracie to sleep because surgery would be too risky & she was suffering. She said I didn't have to be there if I didn't want to. I raced as fast as I could to be with my baby & see her one last time as hard as it was, I would've always regretted it if I didn't go. She was lying peaceful in a room sedated with pain meds. The Vet was very patient, giving us time with Gracie even though it was after hours. I hope that Gracie knew we were there for her & how much we Love her. We were stroking her and telling her we Loved her as the Vet put her to rest. She faded off to sleep and she was gone.The Vet was kind enough to give us a clay mold of her paw print at no charge, we also kept a clipping of her fur. I knew it was going to be painful, I've experienced loss many times, parents, relatives and pets. Losing Gracie is hurting in a way I didn't expect, I see her everywhere and as crazy as it sounds it's like I can feel her still here. I've never had that kind of Love for a pet, she was special. I fell for her the first time I held her. Everyone that met her liked her, I couldn't find a fault in her if I tried. She had so much Love. I will miss her so much. Thank you for giving me a place to express how I'm feeling. It's comforting to know I'm not alone and I feel for all of you that have experienced the same. James K
  8. It's been over a year since my dad put a gun to his head and sprayed his brains all over the house that I grew up in. I wasn't there when it happened, but just knowing that it happened that way haunts me constantly. My father had survived cancer, and fought with that for most of my life, so I thought he could survive anything. I never knew how sad he was, and now that I have been slapped in the face with it, I can't shake this terrible feeling. I feel like I wasn't a good enough daughter to him. Like i failed him because i thought he was stronger than he was. Like most little girls, I grew up idolizing my dad. Thinking of him as a super hero. A rock. An unstoppable force who was going to be by my side and in my life forever. But that was not the case. He left me in a blood-stained memory, and all I can do is think about him. Everything comes back to that phone call I got saying he was gone. There are so many days where I feel all I can do is cry and think about every moment I ever spent with him. Some days I'm just bitter and pissed off about everything and I want to punch everyone in the face who's having a better time than I am. I think about his death constantly. I dream about it. And I have become so dependent on substances to fade away the reality of everything, when I try not to drink or smoke, I end up feeling everything 100 times stronger. I just want to be numb. I want to stop feeling all of this. I feel too much at once, and I just hate how much this event has taken over my life. I loved my dad more than anything. He was always the one I could talk to when things weren't going well, or the first person I'd want to call when everything was going great! I have no one now, or at least it feels that way. I am not the same person I was before his suicide, and the people who love me might not love this new me. They might only love the old me, and she's never coming back. it was two weeks before my 25th birthday when it happened. Everything near his death date is tainted. My birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I don't want any of it anymore, because it will never be the same. All I ever wanted was for my father to see me succeed. And I'll never get that chance. He died knowing I was a loser. He died knowing I hadn't become anyone yet. That I hadn't done anything with my life. Well, I'm doing something now. At least, I'm trying. I'm trying to get my art out there. I'm trying to get my life in order. I've quit smoking for over 5 months now (and I want to break down every minute of every day and smoke, but I'm staying strong). He'll never get to see the woman I'm becoming. It tears me up inside when I realize everything he's missing. And then I just start to get angry, because there are so many times when I've wanted to give up on everything. But I haven't. I'm still here. I'm still here fighting with my own pain, and now on top of it, I'm fighting with his, too. It's so much weight for one set of shoulders to carry, but I'm doing my damnedest.
  9. I'm Emily, a 17 year old girl that had lost her dad at the age of 7. I remember all his love, all the good memories or fishing, of holidays, of my parents. When he died I was only 7 and my little brother 4, he doesn't remember our dad, but I do vividly. My dad died of a heart attack and had suffered brain damage. I said my good byes but never had closer, he didn't remember us, he didn't remember his own daughter. Since the age of 7 I've been bullied, in and out of therapy and suffer from depression, anxiety, trust issues and abandonment issues. I can't seem to cope with my dads death, I've never been able to get out of the mind set that I want to die, that I hate myself and I hate the world. Good took my dad from me, I understood that he must have his reasons, but my life, my mentality is going down the drain and I don't know how much longer I can hold on for. So I'm reaching out to maybe make sense of how I'm feeling before it's to late.
  10. Apologies everyone, but this is going to be a long one. I think trigger warnings apply for kind of suicidal thoughts and the like just to warn you. I don't know if any of you guys can help but feel like I need to vent to people who are going through scenarios similar to mine, rather than my therapist (who is a lovely person but she can't really help me other than agreeing with me). Bit of background info, so basically my mother died this year, it was a huge shock and it happened very quickly and was awful for all of my family, I hadn't seen my mom in a while and wasn't there when she died, so I now have a huge case of guilt, that I wasn't there, that I hadn't been there with her during her last weeks. We all made a promise that we would not have secrets between each other, that we would always talk about how we were feeling and such. Now this is gonna sound awful but, I'm a bit of a snoop, always have been, but for good reason, my Dad can be stupid with money, my Mom always asked me to hack into his emails and wotnot for her because she was always worried that he was doing silly things with money. I just continued this after she passed, purely out of worry, big mistake, I found that within the weeks following my mothers death (even before we had buried her) my father had signed up to a few dating sites, at first I was shocked and angry, I wanted to confront him about it and punch him for disrespecting my Mother when she wasn't even in the ground yet, I kinda figured he'd tell me, he didn't, he did keep bringing up that "there is no such thing as too soon" which made me sick, because a few weeks after your wife dying having not buried her yet in my opinion is waaaaay too soon!! Anyway, after I cooled off, I decided not to confront him about it, brushed off any conversation he tried to have with me about potentially dating people, I didn't think it was appropriate to talk about those things. I figured he was worried for his future or what the dating world was like now or something, so I dropped it, forgot about it, didn't forgive but I figured I did some stupid stuff following my mothers death which made signing up to a dating site seem tame, death makes you loose your head a bit. I stopped checking his mail, I figured I learnt my lesson. Fast forward a few weeks ago, my dad announces that he's going on holiday with a friend, good for him I think, its a female friend, er okay, its fine I have loads of male friends I would go on holiday with, it's okay, he says, we have separate rooms and all that. This lady is an acquaintance who also lost her husband, a few years ago,so she kinda knew what we were going through, she had come round a bit when we were all at rock bottom still, I never really talked to her, I don't really talk to people much anyway but now, barely. Dad tells me not to tell my Mom's family, could give the wrong impression he said, this led me to lie to my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, said he was on holiday with some of his mates, which in hindsight I didn't actually feel comfortable doing and I was angry that he kinda forced me to do that. He also booked the holiday during the only week that I could see him in a while, he said he forgot but I had told him this weeks and weeks prior and wrote it on the calendar for him. At this point and for a few weeks I had started to become suspicious of this woman he was taking on holiday, I talked it over with a few friends and they kind of all thought it was a bit odd and, I in turn thought it was too, so my anger and suspicion started getting the better of me. He kept me updated on his trip, phoned me once, I was distant and vague on purpose because I wanted for him to know I was angry at him, a bit nasty but I wasn't having a good time of it at that point, it almost seemed that everyone else was moving on but that I was stuck on the day after my mom died (my sibling had also announced that they were seeing someone too, no one really contacted me, none of my Mom's friends or relatives really seemed to care all that much, I often get forgotten about, in sympathy cards and such, mainly because I'm a bit weird and people find me hard to talk to). I went home, my dad was still on holiday so I called a few friends and went for drinks and such so I wasn't alone all the time, I went to visit my mothers grave, I drank (I've kinda developed a major drinking problem over the past few months). My dad texted me saying that he and the woman were going to see my sibling and that I had to be dressed because he would bring her to see me too, that made me angry, I wasn't going to get dressed up for someone I barely knew, this is my house I can be dressed however I please. Then I stumbled across my Dad's laptop, it was hidden, I was a bit intrigued, I hadn't read my Dad's emails since the incident, but the suspicion that was on my shoulders got the better of me and I know how horrific this sounds but in my frame of mind at this point it felt important that I did this. So I got in. My God I wish I hadn't. There were emails that I wont go into detail about, he had without a doubt been seeing this woman. I was so angry, I wanted to throw the laptop across the room, I wanted to smash plates and windows, I wanted to scream and shout at someone (either my dad or the woman) but I couldn't, so instead I took a bottle of vodka and went out in the pouring rain and sat by my mom's grave for hours and hours, just crying a screaming at no one, thinking about killing this woman, pouring my heart out to my mom, I figured that if everyone can move on as fast as that with someone like my mom who was the greatest person ever and the kindest and most loving, then no one would miss me, a loner, a weirdo, a basketcase. I headed for the river, I figured the cold might kill me, I realized I'd been thinking about things like this for months, but that this was the straw that broke the camel's back as it were. As I walked toward the river someone stopped me and asked what was wrong, I broke down with this poor person, in the rain, she called one of my friends who lived in town and stayed with me until she picked me up, I then went to my friends house and poured my heart out to her wanting to avoid going home and potentially seeing the woman, fearing I might do something drastic if I did. I ended up at home very late and very drunk, my dad was still awake, I was too angry to talk to him really but I forced myself, told him about sitting at mums grave, about drinking, about how I was feeling, while completely avoiding the subject of the woman. He kept bringing her up, I kept shooting it down, I didn't want to talk about it, he kept talking about how she "gets it" I just said I don't care, how she's invited us over for Christmas lunch, shot it down, Christmas is going to be horrible enough without my Mom but if I have to spent it at the house of that woman, I can't promise I wont stab her with the carving knife. I thought my dad would realize that I knew or was at least suspicious and would "own up" but he didn't. The next day I tried a different tactic I kept bringing things up like internet dating, that I had been on a few dates with people, stuff like that, silently pleading at him to own up, he didn't. So then I changed my tune completely, he started talking about how soon is too soon to "move on" so I asked him outright, are you seeing this woman? He said no. He has lied to me and I don't think I can forgive him. He broke the promise we made. I'm at rock bottom again, the same as I was after my mom died, I am getting help with my therapy, but I still feel awful, I hide it well, say I'm okay when I'm not, its easier to do that, people go weird when they find out you're suicidal. I don't know what to do? I don't want to confront my Dad about this, I love him dearly, but he has an issue with nothing being his fault, he'll try and put it on me, I know it. Should I confront the woman? I feel if I saw her I'd say something awful or threatening or I might hurt her, I really don't want to do that and I understand what she went through was not nice either, but no matter how much my Dad says that she gets it, she has had more time, a few years to decide that this is okay, my dad has had a few months, I cant help thinking that whether she knows it or not, she is using my dad and taking advantage of him and even if he admits it and all that, I cant help thinking that this will end badly for all concerned. I understand my Dad is feeling lonely and that he is trying to fill this void my mom has left, but I truly think that it is too soon for him, he has not has not had enough time too figure this out properly, if you spoke to him you would understand, he is not that old either so he can afford to have a few years of figuring stuff out before he decides his future. Other than this entire situation, I think I would probably react the same way no matter how many years had past I'd be the first to admit that, that is how I know I'm being at least a bit rational. But it's more the fact that he is lying to me that is the hurtful part, he has lied to my face, and when (or if) he owns up to seeing this woman I will tell him that I knew all along and that I am not a child (even though it sounds as if I am being childish) and that lying to both me, my sibling, my moms family and his own parents is the worst thing he could have done to me and that I will never forgive him for it. I know that sounds awful or petty but it's the truth, I will still love him because he is my dad and I care about him loads but this is unforgivable in my eyes (I also understand that he is lying to me because he thinks he is "protecting me" but the worst thing that will ever happen to me has happened, there's not much he can protect me from anymore). Sorry for the long and bitter post, I just needed to get it off my chest. Has anyone else been through anything similar? (P.s since this all happened I had yet another moment when I got back home, wherein I got to a bridge in my town and stood for a long time thinking about whether or not I should jump off, thankfully a kind drunk guy convinced me not to, I wish I could thank these strangers but never got their names) no incidents for a few weeks now, my therapy is helping.
  11. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and opted for natural treatments (diet change, ect.). It was barely detectable by imaging so it wasn't too concerning years ago and after the initial scare our lives resumed to normal shortly. I moved about an hour away and began pursuing my dream of becoming a paramedic. After finishing medic school and getting ready to start clinicals in the ER my dad calls me and say something her back had been hurting...he kept telling me to come see her but nothing prepared me for her condition. The once barely detectable cancer cells had grown into a massive tumor and my mom was almost unrecognizable. Five days later she passed away and I was barely able to have a conversation with her. I put school on hold and moved back home for a little while but it's been 6 months and I feel like my boyfriend doesn't understand why this is still so hard for me...I started clinicals and working in the er and seeing people die everyday is harder than I thought and some days I just can't bring myself to go. I really care about him but he doesn't understand how hard it is to see people suffer after what I went through with my mom and I feel depressed and withdrawn a lot. Some days are really good and I'm able to spend time with him and enjoy my life but other times the grief hits me all at once and I feel like no one else understands...most of the time he just tells me that I need to find a way to deal with it and not let it affect me but I just can't. Idk if it's because he's a guy or because his mom died when he was younger and he's found a way to deal with it but it just feels like he's dismissing how I feel and doesn't truly understand. Has anyone else experienced this or have advice???
  12. I'm 25 and my dad passed away unexpectedly from complications due to a heart attack. It happened a few weeks after my birthday. He was in the hospital on life support for two weeks, but there was no hope for him so we had to let him go. He died in June, and everything has gone downhill since. My sister fought with me and told me I didn't care enough, then came over to my house and attacked me in the middle of the night and cussed me out telling me it's not my house, it's hers, and I contribute nothing. I left my job for a few months so I could be there for my mom who is not coping well. She has to take several pills daily to numb herself and she has not once been here for me, she has borderline personality disorder and regularly yells at me over mundane things. This whole time everyone has given me the blame for everything, for some reason I am the punching bag of the family. I was coping somewhat well until having relationship issues and restarting my job (I am also in a fast paced school program). I have suffered severe anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, night terrors, and hallucinations at night. I also have digestive issues and feel terrible 24/7. I can't tell anyone this because nobody cares. My mom is the only one allowed to feel pain I guess. Everybody I try to talk to tells me I either need pills or therapy because it's "not normal". I've recently given up my therapist because he was definitely not a match for me. I feel life isn't worth living and I have nothing to look forward to without my dad. And I'm trapped in a house with someone who is emotionally abusive and demands constant attention. I just want someone's input on this situation??? Thanks.
  13. It's been just over two years now since my dad passed away and it hurts the same everyday that goes by, the pain doesn't get any easier and little things I see related to him just remind me of him so much and absolutely kills me inside. The biggest regret I have which burns me inside was that the last night before he passed away he waited up for me till 4am but I didn't come home till 6am because I had a stupid argument with my friend and after coming home I didn't kiss him good night as I used to then at 8am all I heard was my sister screaming that he wouldn't wake up and when I ran downstairs there he was asleep straight up on the sofa. He passed away a week and a half after my 20th birthday and I find it so hard to move on, I still get flashbacks of doing chest compressions on him, the ambulance responder using the electric machine which made my dad's body jump in the air, it all still haunts me and when I sit in that room I can picture my dad infront of me. The bubbly, happy man who always made me happy and never said no to me is no longer here and I always feel like it'd my fault for not being a better son and providing him with the pride he deserveed such as me getting my first job, passing my driving. I did all this after he passed away and it eats at me that he raised me for 20 years and just as I was getting to the point of being able to show him his hard work wasn't in vein and now he left me. Life doesn't feel the same anymore but I try my best to be there for my mum and younger sister. :’(
  14. Hi everyone, Not sure how to begin but I'll try to keep it short. I was very close to my dad, saw him every day and lived at home. He died suddenly of cancer, he was diagnosed and then died within a few days. It was horrific. From when he died I haven't had a sex drive. That was almost 2 years ago. Prior to his death I was extremely sexual. 3 months after my dad passed I started a relationship and until this day I've never felt how I did sexually. There's only what I can describe as a block. When I do make an effort with my partner it can take forever to orgasm and sometimes I even feel numb. I don't feel half of what I used to. I used to have such a high sex drive and think of sex daily. Now I don't think of it even once. Having sex is a chore. The odd thing is that I dream of sex a lot and in those dreams I have the familiar feelings I used to have every day. And the moment I wake up from the dream the feeling immediately vanishes and I'm me again. I have suffered from depression and been on medication for a few years or more, but prior to my dads death the tablets didn't affect me sexually at all. I think I have to stop complaining that it's the medication as I have tried 3 other antidepressants and been to my GP. Someone suggested trying counselling and I probably should but what I'm curious about is whether losing my dad has been the cause of what I'm feeling? If so why? And how is something like that overcome?? I feel so hopeless and low because to go from one extreme to another is very hard!
  15. This is long, and to the one most dearest to my heart ever. I lost my mom. To say that I lost just that, is the biggest understatement. She's been my best friend, the one who's always been there for me and always loved me, and I the same for her. I care about her more than anything in the world. I'd been her caretaker since she was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year, and had always just been with her before that (we'd pretty much always been best friends and I know her the best, and she knows me). She always knew how much I loved her and I told her, but after the diagnosis I would tell her at least 10 times a day how much I love her, would give her kisses constantly, hug her and lay with her and hold her hand, and rub her back all the time. She knew how much I loved her and commented on how much I did, I know it made her feel so good inside. I researched good foods for her to eat, the correct vitamins that long term survivors were taking, researched all the clinical trials we could put her on. I was on top of everything. She also got so much love and support from friends and other family members, she was happily blown away by how many people cared about her. I told her "of course, who wouldn't love you?" That always made her smile. My sister came to help and actually did a lot for a while, but ended up not being around as much after time had passed, so everything was back on me. Talking to doctors, researching (which I didn't know anything about before and had to learn quick so I could help my mom, she was counting on me and I would never let her down. I would do anything for her). I know my father loves my mom, but he would watch tv all day, but he even did that before she got sick. He would go out and do chores and buy groceries, I guess that's the most he could do. He would get her food or things she needed if she was cold or needed medication, but for the most part it was all on me to take care of everything, even him, though he is relativity healthy. They're both in their early 70's and had been together since their teens, and my mom was seemingly very healthy before all this happened. She still had been working, while he had been retired for a good while with no problems. She never looked her age, she was always so beautiful and youthful looking, no one would ever guess she was in her 70's. Watching my loving mother, really the rock of my life that always had been there for me, seeing her health decline and body change was so hard. To know this is the person I love without a doubt more than anyone in the world and to know I'm doing all I can for her and not sure if it was going to help, killed me everyday. I never wanted her to be afraid, and we were doing everything we could for her and researching any and all the options out there. She was going to be the exception. We stayed extremely positive and so did she, she was going to fight and I told her I would be there every step of the way and as long as she didn't give up I would never give up on her. I told her to give me all her burden and I would take it on my shoulders. I really did think my love would somehow help heal her, as we worked on other things like chemo and nutrition, meditation, praying, and positive thinking. This really seemed to work and she got better for a couple months, then the chemo stopped working. She very much loved and believed in God. I thought it was just a matter of time before we got her on another modality that was going to help her. Seeing her in the hospital was unbearable at the end (though I didn't know that was happening at the time). I spent all my time with her as I always did whenever she was in the hospital, just coming home to shower and recharge so I could go back and be with her. I would hold her hand constantly and just try to keep her mood up, hug her and tell her how much I love her and just talk about normal things. She only went in to the hospital for something minor that was due to the cancer and we all thought she would be out in a couple days, which turned into almost 2 weeks. She got better, then things happened and seemed to go wrong and a major blood vessel problem changed everything. She told me she loved me and I did to her, and had such love in my eyes when I looked at her because I didn't want her to be scared in any way. I knew things didn't look good. The last 2 days were more than horrendous. She was no longer responsive and I knew I was losing my fight to help my mom heal and get better. I promised her I would, it was my job to take care of her and I could feel everything moving so fast and I couldn't help her. There was family drama going on during all of this (and after), which makes it even harder. Watching her go was the worst thing I've ever experienced, to hear the breaths get shorter and I knew what was coming. I held her and told her I lover her over and over, played her favorite music, and sang our favorite songs into her hear. I never thought this would happen. One day, maybe very far in the future but not now. Not her. Not my mom. She was such a good person, but cancer doesn't care what kind of person you are. Neither do some doctors who's bedside manner made me want to punch them as hard as humanly possible in the face. It's only been a couple of weeks. I can't stop thinking about the last days and how she looked and all the images and occurrences with family that I have in my mind. Even how she would ask me months before if she was dying, and I would tell her no we're doing all we can for you, we're gonna get you better. That's exactly what we were working so hard on. It was so heartbreaking to hear her ask me that. I knew very clearly that it was my purpose to be there to help her. She told me I was the one who made her feel so much better, so calm, and that everything was going to be alright. That made me feel so happy, that I was helping her in some very real way. She loved me so much, as I love her so much. I thought it was my life's mission to get her better. I feel I failed. Those images, being with her as she went (though I was proud to do, and proud to do everything I did for her and would do it all the same in a heartbeat). I know she didn't feel alone in her fight, my dad and sister made her feel supported as well, just not as consistent as our relationship did. I would calm her when she did get scared, and tell her we're gonna do the best we can to get you better. I never wanted her to feel alone. I don't think she did very often, I was with her just about 24/7, physically and emotionally. People say that at least she's not in pain now, and I definitely never wanted her to be in any pain. I could never have even in my worst dreams imagined this, truly, maybe other family members but I never even considered this would happen to her, not my Mom. I empathize so much with people that it hurts me really bad to see someone I love suffer. I'm sure a lot of people feel that way. I can't seem to help it but I keep seeing those last day horrible images in my head. It comes to me when I wake, during the day and at night. I can't stop crying. I cry intensely, everyday. I know it's all had a very traumatic effect on me, I'm sensitive by nature in the first place. I try not to think about those moments when I knew she probably was scared because they hurt me the most. When scary stuff was happening, and I was the only one there to help, until the nurses came, scared the hell out of me but I knew I had to be brave for her and take care of things, just like I knew she would absolutely do for me. Then later to see her body change and her becoming non-responsive, and sweating profusely. Then seeing her get strong medication so she wasn't in pain as the doctors said, but I knew she was to a certain degree because she was losing her battle and she did not want to lose it in any way, she was such a fighter. I know she fought to stay with me, I wanted her to as well, and also for herself. The family I have now without her is extremely unsupportive emotionally. We barely talk, though my sister takes care of my dad and pays him much attention. We had trouble in the past but she is still cruel to me, even after everything that has happened. She has returned home which is far away, but still is very domineering and bossy. My brother is very unconcerned and seems to not really care at all, he has his own family on the east coast and is seems to be very settled in it. It makes me so sad because I know my Momma cares about him so much and my family treated him like "the golden child", now that tragedy struck he is so emotionally detached, and just seems to care less. He is happy and has developed a very separate life that doesn't include our nuclear family, other than on the surface. My remaining family is very cold emotionally, and generally towards me, and not involved in my life. My mom was the exception. There was true love and caring(and still is) between her and I, and I know that will never be replaced. That hurts inside so bad. I don't have a spouse, so I'm now all alone trying to deal with all these emotions that I'm having such a hard time trying to process. As time is passing it's getting harder, as it's all sinking in. I think the burden would be easier if I had some compassionate people in my life, people who care to talk to and spend time with. Whenever I talk about how I feel in the least bit I get the uncomfortable feeling from others that I should just keep a stoic appearance and not make them uncomfortable. That is so, so, isolating. I also get the message that what I have done has been forgotten, and now I have to "take care of my Dad". Like I didn't give my blood and everything I had and tried to take care of my dearest Momma, and also my father at the time (who is capable of taking care of himself) and try to feed myself and get some rest in the meantime- all forgotten, like it never existed, never happened. The trauma of witnessing all that I saw to the one most special and dear to my heart, gives me this daily horrible pain in my chest that I wake up with, like someone's ripping my heart to pieces and I can't breathe. I have horrible nightmares all the time, and go from not sleeping at all, to sleeping 16 hours. I have dreams that I have cancer, that spiders are coming out of people's mouth's and last night that a spider laid a web around most of my body and as I tried to peel it off, it was like a flesh eating virus and my lower layer of epidermis was exposed, looking something like raw prosciutto ham, even on my private parts. Very disturbing. Nothing at all interests me, even things I did enjoy. I'm so lost, I have no idea what to do with myself or where even I want to be in the future. I can't think of anything. I can't even think of a single thing I want or really want to do in general. Nothing has any meaning anymore. I don't even know what I want to do career wise, as I quit my job to be with my Momma and take care of her, and been running off of savings I've built up. I don't even care about that as work in this current condition doesn't seem like it will be happening very soon. I'm having a hard enough time trying to keep myself together right now. Nothing seems to be going the right way or making sense. I feel like I'm in some parallel universe where everything I would never want to have happen, has. If I go out in public alone I feel so dead inside, I don't relate to anyone and everyone feels so "far" away, like they're not even real. Sometimes it's nice though just to get out and talk to a stranger, because the people I do have as remaining family that are supposed to be there for me are non existent, or just don't want to help. I think they see me as some kind of emotional problem they don't want to deal with. "If you just ignore it, it'll go away", is how my family has worked, and to some degree some of my friends also. I do have a couple friends who are very supportive, but they have their own lives which are very busy, but do manage to make some time for me. That really helps when that happens. I've had counseling in the past for depression, which had been mildly effective at best. I still try. It seems to be difficult to find someone who is skilled enough to actually really help. The people who do try to help say things like "she's in a beautiful place", and "you've got such a great future the sky's the limit!". Really? It's only been a COUPLE of weeks, are you really saying that right now?? I know people mean the best and are trying, but really that is way too soon. If they understood how I've been feeling, they wouldn't say that. Actually some do know, and still say those things. I put all my effort and time into helping my mom, and because I only wanted to see her get better. She did too. Now I don't know what to do. I feel like I've been left in this horrible place without my one true north, my rock, my best friend. A mother can never be replaced. She was the one I'd go to to tell her about my day, and she would to me. We'd both make each other feel better when the other was down, and were each other's personal cheering section. I have a hard time getting close to people and making bonds that seem to last, I'm not exactly sure why that is because I try to be the best friend I can be. My mom was always there and I feel like maybe I took that for granted in thinking she'd always would be. I've done a lot of things in life but I knew she was always there for me and just a phone call away. No matter how far I travelled, I could always call her and tell her what was going on in my life and share feelings and emotions with her, as she would. That's what moms do, they love you unconditionally, pick you up when you're down, and make you feel safe and loved. I know time is supposed to help but I don't know how I'm going to get through all of this. With all the circumstances I'm going through, it's making it even harder. Though I hate to say this in regards to the fact of having anyone suffer, it is comforting to know there are people out there going through similar pain and experiences that I am. No one I know in real life has gone through something like this. It makes it harder to relate to someone who doesn't understand the pain you're experiencing so intensely. There's such a big hole. It hurts so bad. If you've never been that close to somebody, you have no idea how it feels. I try to block my mind from thinking anything, and that has been working temporarily, but I know it's going to catch up to me. I just want to hear her voice, and talk to her. I would be telling her all these things and talking to her, now I have nobody. I try to fake it and make like I'm okay, because people don't want to know how you're really doing. The more time passes, the more scared I get for how I'm going to deal with this.
  16. Hi, I'm Kristen and I am 20 years old and I have been suffering with depression ever since the loss of my father and it is consuming my life. I lost my father two years ago from stage 4 lung cancer. I still remember perfectly as my mother walked down the driveway with tears in her eyes.. She didn't have to say anything I had already knew by the look on her face it was cancer, something I have feared my whole life. I instantly dropped to the ground and started bawling my eyes out, it was a horrible day. You see when I was a child (and to this day) death has always been terrifying to me. The thought of losing my parents was something I could simply not deal with. I would even lay in bed late at night hoping that my parents had their air bags turned on, and on numerous occasions I would lay in bed crying worried that something had happened to my father because he was an hour late coming home from his usual 11pm shift (I would stay up until I heard him come home). As you can see, this was constantly on my mind as a child. I would always tell them how I never wanted them to die and they were constantly reassuring me that they would be around for a long time. I took this very seriously, it was something that I had strongly believed in. For a while I stopped worrying, nothing could touch us, we're invinscible. These things happen to other people, not me. In 2012 at the age of 17, I was horribly mistaken..My father had been diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to his brain. The image of sitting on the bed in the hospital room crying on my fathers shoulder while the doctor told me and my family we only have 4-6 months of time left with him is forever burned in my head. My father was a smoker and that was always something that bothered me. I always had a feeling that my father was not going to be around when I got older, that he would not see me graduate, wed, or start a family. I have always felt a very deep connection with my father and I had often felt we were one in the same. 4 months before being diagnosed I cried to my boyfriend about how my father was going to die of lung cancer, I KNEW he would. My father had been showing NO signs of illness at this point in time, I could just feel it. Everyone thought I was crazy and again reassured me that everything was going to be OKAY and my father will be fine and live a long healthy life. I'm not sure why I experienced this as a child but it was something that I constantly felt deep inside. One week ago while sitting and chatting with my mom, she revealed to me that my father had always felt the same. He would always tell her when I was a baby that he feared he wouldn't be there to see me grow up, it was something that he had also worried about. This goes to show you just how connected a father and daughter can be, true love at its finest. Anyways now that you know a bit of my back story let me move on to how the loss has impacted my life. Against the odds my father was able to survive an entire year with almost full cognitive function 9 months in (a true blessing). After new years, our wonderful year was over. Things steadily went downhill and I knew that this was going to be the end. He passed away at 11pm on March 5th 2013 and I will never, ever forget the moments watching him take his last breathe..watching him lay there like he was just sleeping and nothing was wrong. Ever since he passed away my perception on life has been completely distorted, what I see now is a life of hoplessness that ends in death. Everything I do now revolves around thinking about death. When I am in a happy situation I think about how these people are probably going to die soon, or what if that person got hit by a car tomorrow, I look for death in everything. I am constantly worried about myself getting cancer, and I am slowly becoming a hypochondriac if i'm not already one. I'm angry.. all the time. I hate life but I don't.. I would never kill myself, that is something I would never do to my family. Hurting myself is a different story. Since my father passed away Ive gotten so overwhelmed that I had actually thrown myself down a 12 foot later, twice. I also purposely threw myself down a flight of stairs at my school as well... my logic being that I would rather be hurt and in a hospital than dealing with what was going on in my life. It has now been a year since I've done something drastic like that.. I see it as progress but my mind is still in a horrible state. This morning my fathers hat was on the speaker in the livingroom and it instantly brought tears to my eyes..I wore in and layed in bed bawling my eyes out for an hour until I was able to calm down. Seeing photos of him brings instant sadness upon me. If I see someone in public that looks like him, I have a feeling of almost wanting to hold them and have them hug me so I could pretend. I think about everyday how I wish I could see him just one more time. What gets to me is that alot of the memories I have of him, are when he was sick and unwell. I have feelings of regret for not paying more attention and taking in more when I was around him, and making more memories. I have dreams that he had come back from the dead and its all a mis understanding. So tell me... have you felt like this and how did you get over it. My bond with my father was so deep that my life has literally been flipped upside down since his death, I've become a morbid, negative, miserable person. How can two years have passed and yet a single thought of him makes me cry, it's a horrible feeling that I have never experienced before ( It was my first death). I feel I have coped so negatively (excessive use of marijuana, alcohol, painkillers) I was never this person before. I was a happy teenage girl who kept up her good grades. I still am able to study nursing after taking a year off after throwing myself down the ladder.. but my motivation is gone, I see no light at the end of this tunnel. Do you ever ask yourself what is the point? We are all going to die. Everything around us dies. My father was such a huge loss that I hoenstly feel like the loss of my Mother would kill me. Please help me, these thoughts are consuming my life and I don't know how to pull myself out of this hole.
  17. August 26 2014 I lost my dog 'King' and then January 24 2015 I lost my other dog 'Brandy' who is also kings mother. I've been devastated since 'King' died but now 'Brandy' died too. My world is shattered I dont want to live anymore. Im so lost I miss my dogs everyday. Im on antidepressants to try to help with my suffering but it helpt at first but that time has past the shock of never seeing my dogs again hurts even more. I know alot of people think im mad going crazy over dogs but they was my life. I was single didn't have a girl friend so I pretty much spent alot of my time with friends and my dogs. Now im both dogs are gone and im lonely and im not sure how to live now
  18. My best friend died today. He was a 16 year old Tuxedo cat, who was just full of life, and exuded joy. I am not a young man, soon to retire, and Trace was going to be my retirement buddy. Many a nights we spent on my Lay Z boy, hanging out, watching tv,my pal contently purring as I would read the latest crime novel or do a crossword puzzle. I got Trace after 911. He kept my other cat Cyrus company for a few years before Cyrus had to be put to sleep from a urinary disease. Trace would always cry when I left for work and enthusiastically meet me crying at my door. On my hour drive home from work, however grueling my day was I could always depend on him to warmly be there for me unconditionally. When my mother and father passed, he was my sounding board, and when my lady friend died a horrible death, he kept me company and gave me the courage to go on. A few years ago I got a diagnosis that was devastating but he helped me through the scary times, other friends passing, job stress, and horrible anxiety. I loved this little guy. About a month ago, he started limping and the vet said it was just arthritis, and put him on a steroid. A week later he started not eating and right about the same time his 19 pounds seemed to be quickly falling away. I took him to the vet and his blood work was good- no chronic anything diabetes, dental issues, etc, and was given an antibiotic. But he appeared like eating was painful for him and he would curl his head around, have trouble keeping food in him mouth and had little or no appetite. A couple more vet trips occurred, shots, appetite stimulants, but he continued to struggle. He then started to cry non stop this past weekend, and I held him most of Saturday and Sunday. He seemed to make an odd sound like metal connecting to metal when he was eating. I would massage his gums, and he would let me. He weighed 14 pounds, had lost about 5 I prayed to God that he would get better and somehow I knew during this whole month that something was really wrong with my boy, On Sunday night, he stopped crying, and was very quiet and content it appeared. About 3:30 in the morning he jumped on my bed, and snuggled up with me like he had done before, and I noticed when I got up for a bathroom run that he had eaten. I was sure God had answered my prayer. He only stayed a few minutes loving me and then left the room When I got up at 6:30, he was in bad shape, looked confused, would not eat a thing, crying constantly. I called the vet and he said even though they did not know what was really wrong with him, that he was 16 years and he was not going to get that much better, and that putting him down would be compassionate. I went to the vet and they very sweetly euthanized him in my arms, I couldn't bear to see my friend suffer in this life. I have had many cats over the years and been through this before. But for some reason, this time my heart feels like it is broken. It has only been 1 day, but I cannot stop crying. I went to work after he passed and I cried all day in my cubicle and tonight my apartment feels so lonely. I think he rebounded for those hours to tell me it was ok and to tell me he loved me. But my heart hurts. I never thought a cat could bring me such grief, and also such joy. I want to remember the good times, but the pain is bad and I feel so alone without my buddy.
  19. Hi, I am really glad I found this forum -- I have been lurking and finally am posting. While my condolences go out to everyone, I am also relieved to know I am not alone. I am 32 and lost my 65-year-old father in January after a 7-month battle with a rare cancer (sarcoma) -- it still came as a shock because his doctor really thought my dad was at least going to make it into remission, but the cancer spread to his lungs so aggressively that he was gone within weeks after his final treatment (surgery). He wasn't ready to go, but handled his last 2 weeks with extreme grace and courage, knowing that he was surrounded by family. We just got through our first holiday without him, and it made me upset that I feel no one even really honored him at the Easter table. It was just as if we were all supposed to go on without him without acknowledging the huge void we probably all felt. I'm in a family where most of my siblings and my mom don't want to talk about what happened. I do talk about it with one of my sisters, but I am just feeling really alone. Every time I feel I'm getting better, I just start crying unexpectedly. I'm afraid that I'm going to push my boyfriend away if he knows how depressed I am. I have a highly demanding job and I am wearing out all of my energy just to avoid crying at the workplace. I know that this post is a bit rambly, but I guess I feel the same as everyone else when I say that things that used to seem so important (work deadlines, etc) just don't matter to me anymore. That said, I know that I still need to keep my job to pay bills, etc -- obviously it's not realistic to just quit -- but how do people handle this? I work at a top technology company where you're expected to always be on, always responding, always working 24/7, and I just feel I completely unmotivated for the first time in my life. I don't work in a division that is saving lives and nothing seems that important to me. I am used to being a Type A overachiever, but all I want to do now is curl up under my covers or hug my dad again, and I can't. What makes this more excruciating is that I am realizing even more now how much my dad was the one I would call when I needed work advice, and I can't call him. I know everyone says this gets better, but I just feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I can tell I have signs of depression and I'm seeing a therapist, but I am still having a really hard time coping. Any advice is welcome. Sorry this was so long
  20. Hello, I lost my dad 2 years ago to alcohol issues. I am 22 years old, male and I've been struggling to cope. My story: My dad was never around for my family and i hated him for years, it was always my mum who did everything for me and my family. He was a violent drunk and attacked my mum in the past. He died 2 years ago on the 3rd of May 2013. It was only at his death when I found out a lot of things about my dad. My dad didn't leave us because he didn't love us, he did it for the complete opposite reason, he loved us too much. He knew that his behaviour was unacceptable as a human especially as a parent. He stayed away and kept his eye on our family from a distance, constantly checking in with my Grandmother to see how we all were doing. My birthday is on the 25th of February, on my birthday I rang my dad up. I was 20 years old and I wanted to make my own choice, I rang him to speak with him, get to know how he is and other chit chat. I asked if I could meet with him soon. I wanted him to be a dad regardless, and we had arranged to meet in 2 weeks from my birthday. We didn't meet 2 weeks later but it was planned, we would speak about arranging it with my Granddad. I woke up one day at about 12 in the afternoon, I was staying at a friends house which was quite a distance from my home. I woke up and saw 8 missed calls from my mother, sister, friends mother, etc. I knew something was wrong. I rang my mum, and she told me about my dad. A piece of me died as well and all I wanted to do was go home to my family and hug, cry, love them. Instead, I told my friend about the news and I was received with "my dad was never there, my dad was an ass" and I got this from his whole family. I was with his family for over 3 hours because they refused to take me home before a certain time. I was furious. I finally got home, was greeted to hugs, crying and love and my body went into protective mode. I didn't show any emotion, I was looking after everyone else in my family. I didn't want anyone to worry about me because I was too busy looking after all of them. We all went out to the pub to celebrate my dads life, have a drink for him. Later that evening, me and my sister went to see a family friend who were also my dads friends. Me and my sister went round and we spoke for hours about my dad. Me and my sister were drunk already due to the pub earlier in the day but our family friends had been giving us drinks too, mainly vodka. My sister was crying her heart out, the family friends were crying their eyes out but I wasn't. Finally my sister had had way too much to drink so we got her a ride home. As soon as she left, I went back inside the house and kept talking to the family friends. This was the point I started to cry because I had no family members around. It took months later for me to cry again, it was whilst I was on a trip with the Princes Trust and I was speaking with (basically a stranger) someone who I had only known for a week. I was talking about my dad and I just collapsed and cried. Ever since my dads death, I haven't been drunk. I have an occasional drink but 2-3 drinks are now my limit. I think that's a subconscious thing. I wanted to put my story out there because over the years I have told myself and told everyone else that I am fine. It has finally come to a point where I am no longer fine. I decided to get in touch with a bereavement support to place an appointment. I was told that it's easy to talk about these things with strangers so I figured, why not? I contacted them almost 6 months ago and still had no reply back from them after telling me to wait 3-4 months for an appointment. I found this appalling, making somebody wait for help especially with such a subject as depression. I'm not going to lie but just writing this has helped me out. It's been nice, like I am releasing something. I thank you for reading my story and I hope this gives you an understanding of my story. Thank you.
  21. Feb.20,2014 Mom was a passenger in her own vehicle with a female friend of hers driving. They were hit head on by 2 young punks who were drinking and driving. Both of these punks got off with nothing and our family lost so much. There are 3 of us kids, if you can call us that. My half brother is in prison and my half sister in about 2 hours south of me. My sister and I had not spoken for years and the night of her accident we both agreed that we would put the past in the past. Little did we know the things we would learn in the coming months. Mom was in the hospital for approx. a month after the accident. She had trauma to her head which caused a bleed, a broken nose, broken rib, and her right eye was unable to open but had vision. She died from massive blood clots to her lungs. To get to my problems now.....For a whole year my sister and I dealt with the mess that was left behind. Our mother loved garage sales and had a perpetual one of her own. building upon building of "stuff". Not valuable, just stuff. Since our dad died 11 years ago and our brother ending up in prison mom had begun to care less and less about home. We had one hell of a mess. Literally mouse crap and moldy messes and oh so much stuff. It took us from March of 2014 until December 2014 to get the majority done. So NOW I am going crazy. When its sunny out and I can feel spring I cry and I eat and eat and eat. When its grey I cry and eat and eat and eat. I was on a good path just before mom had the accident and I am eating myself into a ball of flab and I am crying and feeling like I "Should have" a year ago. Am I totally loosing it. Has anyone else had this happen. How can I get a handle on it? Help PLEASE!
  22. I just lost my mom on the 10th of March and I'm finding myself getting deeper and deeper into a state of depression. I've been my moms primary source of care since her stroke (20 yrs ago) and we've been inseparable since. I literally either spoke to her or saw her DAILY! I'm 44 years old, yet I feel like curling up in some corner and crying. I know it's still new to me so the adjustment is going to take some time but this empty feeling has overcome my daily living. I'm trying to function as I did before her passing but I can't seem to find my way. I don't want to let go - I don't want to accept the event because I'm afraid I will forget her and everything she meant to me. I feel alone because all my friends still have their mother.
  23. I'm writing this because I feel I need to talk about it with people who understand. I've been talking with a therapist for the better part of a year, and my current girlfriend has been very supportive, but they can't understand fully and I'm hoping just writing this will help. I apologize for the lengthy post, but it is all relevant to the story and I feel I need to write it down. My father took his life two days after my mother's birthday in November of 2013. He used a shotgun. He was found by a friend. I'm both grateful that our immediate family didn't find him (I have a younger sister and brother both over 18 at the time) and horrified that someone else had to endure that. I was 26 at the time. My mother began divorce proceedings in late January of 2013 due to marital issues largely stemming from monetary differences. My father always had a very hard time holding down a job. As the months went on my father became increasingly agitated and belligerent, even forcing my mother’s firm to enact a restraining order against him. He always had a history of depression but took the prescribed medicine like Tylenol, only popping pills when he felt he needed them, and only giving therapy a cursory try. Growing up he was not around much, and my memories of him are mostly of him in an angry or depressed state. I always had so much hope that someday we would have some semblance of a normal relationship but it never happened. I had been aware of my mother’s wishes to divorce him since the age of 17 so it came as no surprise to me when she decided to go through with it. I frequently ended up in the role of middle man, talking with both of them separately and desperately attempting to help them in my own way. Hindsight being 20/20, I wish I had just stayed out of all of it. During this time my father would frequently call me and request that I gather my siblings and intervene and convince my mother how terrible of a mistake she was making. He would frequently say things such as “you don’t understand what the result of this divorce will be.” When I would ask him to go into more detail, he would simply respond with “you’ll see.” In March or April of 2013 during one such conversation, I firmly stated that my siblings and I didn’t need to be involved in the divorce. My father got very upset and made some very, very, very nasty and ignorant comments regarding my girlfriend’s mother, who is a lesbian and divorced her husband in order to live the life she kept buried. When I requested that he take back what he said, he responded by telling me it was the truth and that I needed to hear it. I ceased almost all verbal communications with him at that point in time. For the next 7 months or so I barely communicated with him. Any communication we did have was in anger. He refused to apologize for his comments and I made it a point to make him aware that his refusal was unacceptable. I still can’t remember the last words I said to him, but I fear they were in anger. During this time he acquired a new job that helped stroke his ego enough to cause him to dig his heels in even more. He was a very hard working man, however, his personality was such that he refused to take orders and this eventually led to his being let go a short time before his death. After being let go he lost a substantial amount of weight, and appeared to finally give in to the divorce proceedings and began to cooperate with the judges, lawyers and the like. He despised lawyers almost as much as he despised therapists. His world didn’t deem these professions as necessary and he saw them as useless contributors to society. He was a farmer by profession. About the same time, my relationship fell apart, a new one began and I switched jobs all in the same month or so. I’m sure some of this change was inherently tied to the stress, guilt and hopelessness I felt at the situation. Approximately one month and a half into my new job, my mother arrived in the lobby, hysterical and broke the news to me. I was told shortly before his death that my father requested that someone get me to call him. I never did. I did agree to go to thanksgiving dinner with him separately via text message but he never responded to my text. The date he proposed didn’t work and I suggested a new date. He killed himself a few days later. I will always wonder if I avoided becoming the victim of a murder suicide by proposing a different date. His suicide note to me simply said “the loss of your love is forgiven.” I am bearing an almost overwhelming amount of guilt that I never called him. I can’t remember the last words I said to him. I am so angry at him for this and at the same time I am trying to understand the depth of his despair and it is crushingly depressing. I have so many regrets for all the memories he deemed not important enough to make with me and this regret has spilled over into other facets of my life. I feel like I am having a mid-life crisis at the age of 27. I have been in therapy since the beginning of the divorce proceedings and that has probably saved me from making incredibly terrible life choices but I feel like I’m stuck in these awful cycles of rage, depression, guilt, etc. The unanswered questions are driving me crazy. I am reminded all of the time by the smallest things. I just want to feel better. I want to talk to him one last time and tell him how sorry I am. I feel like a terrible son. Thanks for listening to my story.
  24. This year has been one of the horrible years in my life in fact I can't remember a worse one , 2013 started off with a 20 year marriage separation and then things started to go down hill from there , Just trying to live life when all of a sudden my sweet kitty of 13 years ,who was my rock whenever I was depressed had started to get sick... I took her to the vet , did everything I could for her only to have her die in my arms , I was devastated ... her death hit me hard . ( I wrote her story in another post ) Then everything started to hit me and I ended up having so much anxiety and stress about life and my current situation I wound up in the emergency room with a nervous breakdown.... I was emotionally and physically exhausted to say the very least , My doctor thought it might be a good idea to jack up my existing prescription 3 times the amount I was previously taking and that caused me to have a severe reaction , I became very ill with something that could have taken my life , they ended up taking me completely off that drug so I wouldn't die... OK talk about anxiety! I thought they were suppose to help my stress not induce more... uhhhggg ... So anyways then I had to go through withdrawals... nice right... FAST FORWARD 2 months later , After a lot of recovery I am starting to get my physical body back... I had lost a lot of weight in muscle while ill.. so I had started to regain strength back slowly ... I started to eat again... I started to feel more emotionally stable... I still felt anxiety and depression but more controlled now ... life started to show light again... Then one day I received notice that mom was in the hospital...I called the hospital and before telling me any information they handed the phone to my mom which I thought was weird but now in hindsight i am so grateful they did ....When my mom picked up the phone I said mom ...she replied "what? I said whats wrong? she said aneurysms and stroke... I kinda didn't know if this was true because mom had a history of dementia...OK so Then I just comforted her a bit and said mom I love You and She replied I love you too... she then put the phone down. Still not knowing the severity of her condition I was trying to find out what was going on ...they told me the doctors were going to do some test in the morning and they would let me know everything. So now the anxious waiting begins ... I didn't sleep very well that night and woke up the next morning to speak with the doctor whom informed me of Moms several severe conditions...She had previously had her colon out a month prior due to internal bleeding , she had massive internal bleeding again and would eventually bleed again even if they were to stop it, she also had aneurysms one of which was 7 cm on her lower aorta . also bleeding from the esophagus and had a mild heart attack. I think i may still have been in denial but it did't hit me what he was really trying to say . We had set up a family conference for the following day , The next day came along and with my sister and her daughter being physically present at the hospital then my Aunt and I on the phones the doctors proceeded to tell us there was nothing more they could do for my her , she was not a candidate for surgery and offered the hospice comfort care ... thats when it hit me .. I was losing my mom, They said if after we took her off the life supports she made it through the next couple days at hospital they would send her back home to the nursing home she had lived in previously. My mom was a fighter as she had been her whole life and she hung on long enough to make it back home, She had been in assisted living and nursing home for many years prior and she has had several visits to hospitals with some being very serious , in and out , surgeries , falls , this and that done and some how always made it through , but this time was different she wasn't gonna be able to beat her disease and when I heard this news i was crushed ... cried like I was a little girl... The hardest part was she lived in a facility that was so far away from me and with my anxiety disorder it made prior visits very hard and few . I felt so sad she was so far. I was however extremely grateful that my sister and niece whom she loved very much were close by and holding vigil by her side . I know my sister was in a lot of emotional pain but she was holding it together for the sake of everybody involved and I am so thankful for that. With mom being on her end of life care it was eating me up that I was so far away , the anxiety and depression was overwhelming and I just couldn't take it anymore so I decided to react , I went gassed up and just started driving not knowing if my car would make it ... I just needed to say I love you in person.. or at least I had to try ... It took hours to get there and I felt like I was driving in a mental fog but /i made it safely . I was then and will be forever grateful I made that choice , I arrived and My mom was so frail it was hard to see her like that but it didn't matter because shes mom, I held her hand and we all prayed for her... she then opened her eyes and stared at me ... I gave her so much love n affection and even though she could no longer speak verbally I could tell in her eyes she knew I was there and was saying it back , I sung to her a little and when it was time to go I told her i would see her soon. She looked peaceful when I left but it was so hard to go knowing I would never get to see her in this lifetime again. So a day and a half went by with mom basically no change ...Last night I just had a feeling , I cant describe it but I just knew it was going to happen... I went to bed at around 1:00 am and put the phone on the pillow next to me ,.. at 1:30 am my sister called to tell me MOM is in heaven now... there was immense sadness but also a kind of peace that washed over me... My sister proceeded to tell me the details ... she went smooth and peaceful ... she was calm... ect. It has been a tough year for me , but one blessing from this is I am forever grateful that she took her last journey comfortably and in peace wrapped in Gods loving arms with love surrounding her from all sides. Thanks for giving me the space to air my thoughts and for taking time to read them ... <3 KiKi's mom and Sandra's daughter
  25. Hi all I lost my mother back in June of 2012... My father passed away back in 1995... One week after my 13th birthday. My son was only 3 months old and I was 10 weeks preg when my mum lost her fight with Cancer... I have found it difficult now for she's not ere to see her grand kids grow... Say that first word, take that first step... Celebrate their birthdays.. I'm alone doing it only with my husband but sense my mothers passing we have become distant.... So I'm grieving in the shower for both my parents... I'm not happy... Don't take joy in nothing.... Counclling in out of the question... It don't work for me... Don't have anyone to help.... I miss my parents