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  1. I'm married for almost 7 years. I was such a happy girl when I met my husband. I was flying for an airline and traveling was my lifeline. He wanted me to quit and relocate to india for him n I did so. Everything was perfect before marriage. I moved in with him, where he lived with his big family of 5! Right after marriage, I felt a change in him. Communication, time spent together, sharing problems, romance, sex was all never part of my marriage. I was devastated. I did try talking to him if he needs to see a doctor. That hurt his huge ego. Somehow I got pregnant in 6 months but I did not want to bring a child in an absurd marriage. We both decided we will wait to have a baby and now he blames me telling his family I went behind his back. Lucky I have all the proof needed. Anyway, before the pregnancy, and the first 3 months of my marriage, I found letters from his ex fiancé where she mentioned very painfully that he doesn't touch her and she wants to know y. They were engaged 2 years. He had told me it was just a year. I saw a similar pattern in my marriage. Sex was so awkward, no foreplay, no kissing, no nothing. I would cry to sleep. N it was as infrequent as once in 2 months. It was a miracle I had even conceived. Well, the very next year if my marriage, he started having an affair which I discovered afte 2 years. He blamed me for it. And I was by then already a victim of low self esteem, I believed him and toiled to impress him but I wasn't ever good enough. We lived like strangers and yet I did everything for him. I have no clue how I survived. I must have been such a desperate soul. After 4 years of no sex and manipulating me Into remaining servile, he finally came back to me in nov 2013. Because he wanted a family. He suggested ivf so he doesn't have to touch me. But it required him to do a few medical tests which he didn't want to go thru so he decided to give me emotionless awkward no foreplay no kissing weird sex. N a lot of pressure to conceive. Meanwhile after trying to conceive for 4 months I made a couple of new friends who helped lift my self esteem, they made me see how beautiful I am inside out, they made me realize I'm living such a compromised life. My husband has never given me anything emotionally. He buys me stuff to keep me going. He forbid me from seeing these friends and I wasn't taking more **** from him. I left. I stay with my folks now. It's been almost 4 months, we have been telling them to pls sign the mutual consent divorce but he has given the reins to his father and doesn't take any calls in his own. Such a sissy at 34!! His father being a lawyer is giving me a tough time. I still love him and I have no clue why!! I wish he wud realize what he has done to me, my soul. I wish he wud take up for me and move out with me to work on the marriage. But it's not gonna happen. I'm not as bad as I was when he first cheated. But it hurts like hell coz I was definitely more involved in the relationship than he ever was. I took him to various marriage counselors n went to a few myself. He never follows up. I was never allowed to see his emails or touch his phone, I don't know the friends he has out of the city, I don't know his financial details, his work, his plans. I'm dying to be free, put this all behind me and stand on my feet. I wS a housewife for all these years. I ruined my life, my career, my self. But I'm positive things will start rolling soon. God is good, I will work hard and make a living for myself. Love has eluded me for long but it will seek me one day on it's own.