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  1. Lost my beloved dog yesterday and can’t cope

    Every night for 9 nights now, I have woken up at 1am, time she died and 4am the time she got me up for a wee in her last 4 weeks as she got older. I dont know if its in my head or a sign from her. But its every night, my eyes are black from tiredness and crying
  2. Lost my beloved dog yesterday and can’t cope

    Hi I just wanted to comment. I lost my beautiful Luna a week last sunday. She was my world and I am heartbroken. She suddenly collapsed in th emorning then died in my arms on my chest at 1am after id dropped off. I woke up and she was motionless. I had to sit with her for 8 hours. Vet would not come out in the day and then to collect her. I was so mad. I just want you to know my life was take and my hear ripped out. I too have had pets but i had this bind with Luna as she was my first to be just with me. I cried all week at work, at home, I couldnt think about living without her, I want her back. I still do. However, I have a pillow which seems odd I smell and it reminds me off her and gives me peace. I have also done a nice photo frame with 12 pictures and phrases and remembrance for her and the final pic is where her ashes lie. She is always there. 9 days later, I can only say how quickly time goes, I cannto believe it is 2 weeks nearly since I last held her, stroked her, had her quirks. But it has got easier, I have fond memories now but still have a tear, but it has calmed. You will get guilt, anger, and questioning. Just know you did the best for her, 17 years is a great age and she looks so happy. I am not psyhcic or anything like that, but Sally Morgan actually picked up on me on her facebook and told me she senses a dog. I can also honestly say I see blurred visions where she used to lie and by the bed. It is strange. I strongly believe they are still around. Talk to them as if they are there. It helps to let go of the hurt. I also made a music tribute to her. Always will be able to look at her.
  3. My beautiful Luna

    Thanks for you rkind words. I cannot believe how fast time flies by. It has nearly been a week. House is empty. My partner has cleaned her bed and took everything out to the garage, cleaned the house. I cannot let go and so sad that all traces of her have gone. I have ordered two framed pictures of her. I really am struggling with how time is just going by as if she never existed. I miss her so much xx
  4. My beautiful Luna

    Thank you. I am so heartbroken xx
  5. My beautiful Luna

    I am so upset. I lost my 12 yr old dog yesterday. Just within 1 day, she collapsed into mud and then could not move. She tried to get up but couldnt, she kept lifting her head as we lay her in the lving room to keep her comfy. The vet refused to come out to see her as they said she was not in pain. We spent the day with her, talking and stroking. As she could not get up I slept downstairs next to her. My partner went to bed after cuddles and she followed him up with her eyes watching then cuddled uup to my chest with her head. I turned lights out and she moived head to the floor I woke up an hour later and she was in exact position and did not move with slaver on the floor. I tried to wake her but no breathing but then as my partner came down, her to legs moved and into the air then dropped. Partner said no breathing and she had gone. Im scared I shocked her into death by suddenly panicking. I miss her so much and I am so sad. I feel like we let her down