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  1. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you all so much for your expressions of support. I’d like to say that with each passing day things are getting more manageable, but it’s just the opposite. I seem to be more lost now than I was a month ago. My sorrow is greater, my grief more profound. I have doubts of my life ever returning to any semblance of normalcy. I cry all the time. Today is the one month anniversary of Adam’s death. The pain is sometimes more than I can bare. I hope I make it, for my wife’s sake. She needs me. I’m an aethist with no belief in an afterlife. This for me makes the finality of Adam’s passing all the more final. I harbor no illusions of a hookup in the afterlife. This is my belief system. Does this add to my sorrow? I think not. How can anyone be in more pain after losing a child.
  2. Loss of an Adult Child

    Ericasmom...thanks for your words of support. Last weekend we had a celebration of life here at our home for my local friends and family, most of whom came from out of town. Adam’s friends had a party at a local bar. They lined up four bands, made commemorative tee shirts, it was a great send off. I took some pictures and his ashes to the venue. His friends appreciated that. We have lived in Wilmington about 4 years and our circle of friends is small. Adam moved down here with us for a fresh start. He mostly did restaurant work since moving here and seems to know half the town. That’s the kind of guy he was. For me, the loss is so unexplainably deep and overwhelming. My wife, who is Adam’s stepmom of 19 years, gets it, but doesn’t share it. She crys for my hurt and loss, while working thru her own. It is such a total mess right now. She can sense that I’m on a different level of loss than her, and it’s killing her. She has a son Adams age with type 1 diabetes. We always thought we would be getting a call about him being in a coma as he doesn’t manage his disease very well. Sorry...I’m rambling. I seem to do that a lot these days. It’s been one month today and the grief seems to be getting worse.
  3. Loss of an Adult Child

    I hardly know where to begin. January 16 2018, 2 policeman came to our door. My son lived in Wilmington about 15 miles from me and his stepmom in a group house he had just started managing. He had taken over the lease and was in the process of getting new roommates and buying furniture. The police asked me to step outside then asked me if I had a son named Adam. I was thinking bar fight arrest or something else, anything but what the officer told me. Adam had died in his house from what appeared to be an opioid overdose. That was a month ago tomorrow. It seems like 5 minutes ago. I knew he drank and smoked some weed, but I knew him or thought I knew him to be against anything heavier. We had had talks about how bad and dangerous the hard drugs were in this town. Now Adam's gone, forever. The grief and sadness washes over me constantly. He was my only child, and he's gone. He was only 33. Youll have to excuse my ignorance. I'm not sure if I'm creating a new post or responding to someone else's. My intention was to send my first post. Things are still a bit muddled.