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  1. Lost my brother to Fentanyl and Alcohol

    It is just going to take time. Maybe consider seeing a professional to talk over these things with. I am probably going to go see one, to address some of my issues. I'm sorry I don't have the answer you are looking for. I don't have a lot of the answers to my own questions. You just have to be strong buddy, open up with a family member or a good friend. don't keep everything bottled up. It helps letting stuff out. -Mikelphone
  2. Lost my brother to Fentanyl and Alcohol

    Hey Kapilchugh, So sorry to hear! I didn't want to leave your message unanswered. As others were nice enough to reply to mine. Things won't be easy, but as they say, time heals all (Probably won't be anytime soon) My brother has only been gone 5 weeks, I have good days and not so good days. Earlier, I was looking at pictures of him and broke down. But it was good to remember the good times we shared together. I just wanted to share my condolences and thoughts. Try not to withdraw from your friends and family, having them around will help tremendously! Remember your Brother, live for your brother and tell your family you love them often. My sincere sympathy to you and your family, Mikelphone
  3. Lost my brother to Fentanyl and Alcohol

    I want to thank both of you, QueensGal8787 and ninjamonkey1014, for replying and keeping me in your thoughts. I will keep you in my thoughts as well. ninjamonkey1014, I did the same thing before replying to QueensGal8787. wrote, erased, rewrote, didn't know if I would reply. It's crazy that so many people are going through the same type of thing with Alcohol and drug issues. Especially with fentanyl. and it just seems things are not getting better. I wish you both of you and everyone else going through things like this the best of luck and hope you can one day find peace.
  4. Lost my brother to Fentanyl and Alcohol

    Thanks! I think things seem weird right now because I was use to seeing my brother once or twice a week, but we would text all the time. So it's like right now, it's just one of those periods where he hasn't been over for a bit and he'll come walking through the door any day. Well being angry won't help the situation, that is for sure. You've got to put that energy into something that will help you in the future. I will probably go and see a psychologist and see if they can steer me in some sort of direction. I keep saying that, I have to live life for the both of us. My Brother and myself. and I damn well better. Everything just seems so messed up right now. Thanks for replying and keep your head up, try to harness the anger for some sort of good!
  5. Lost my brother to Fentanyl and Alcohol

    Hey Queensgal8787, Sorry for your loss! It's crazy people so young are dieing from these things. My brother (37) died January 5th, due to complications with his diabetes, but he also had issues with alcohol. We found out he was an alcoholic the summer of 2016 after several years of him hiding it. We also found out he was using some pretty hard drugs during this time. We are unsure if he had any other substances in his system at the time of his death. The coroner said the full autopsy would take up to 3 months. Rob (my brother) went to rehab and was almost 5 months sober, and then slipped up just before Christmas. He got back on track and had a good outlook for the New year. He was happy and seemed to be ready for anything. The strange thing with my brother was that he would talk about his drinking, but never talked about the drug problem. That I never understood. I don't know why he couldn't just be honest and admit to it. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if it has fully processed for me yet. This is still very fresh for me. And I to, am looking for some answers. I know I didn't really answer any questions, but would also like to hear other people's input.