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  1. My dog's rescue story with a sad ending.

    That was actually a lovely story. The “what if’s & if only’s” that race through our minds are just tormenting. But think about these “what if’s” - what if you were not a loving person, what if you could just drive by a dog in need, what if you did not go above and beyond to bring her from that cold dwelling to the warmth of your loving home? Then what? For the time you shared together she was able to feel what it was like to be loved. You could not have given her more than that! I know it still hurts, and I understand everything you said. And even though (as you mention) you are afraid to love another dog - those dogs are out there & I have no doubt you will find them & love them. I think you have no choice
  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your brave friend Edward. It hurts, I know. We feel so helpless at times, we just want to protect them and then... Yes, I understand what you mean by having that “image” in your head. That’s a tough one. Just keep picturing Edward happy, healthy, as he was during the best days that you shared together because That was Him. Keep a “Happy Edward” photo with you if you need to, every time the “painful image” comes into your mind - often randomly & without warning - yes? My Mel (female german shepherd) has been gone since 1/22/18. And I always look at a picture at her when I get upset - it’s grounding.
  3. I still grieve for my first dog who passed in 2006. There are things I feel guilty about, things I want to take back, do differently - and I can’t - and here we are 12 yrs later and it tears me apart when I “go there”. I just recently lost a dog - I want her back. I get it. All of us get it. We understand the pain you feel and believe me, are here to listen. But Dogs, know... they do, how much we love them, how much we give for them, and they love us - unconditionally - forever.
  4. My beloved 17 year old dog just died

    No, no, no, you are not betraying him. He would not think you are betraying him. But first I want to comment that you said he died in his sleep warm under the sun - you do know that was a very peaceful and although sad for you, beautiful way for him to pass on. As for the ashes, the urn - he’s not in there. It does not matter where you put the ashes they are not him, they are the “remains” not the love, the soul,, not the “way he looked at you” or the “partner in crime” those are the things he IS and those things are with you, HE is with you, because those things don’t die, only the body dies. I have my dog’s ashes and when I first got them back I felt “cheated” like, you’re giving me this back? Like it”s not my whole dog, but you know what? It isn’t. It”s just a very small piece. What she left behind. - What she left behind. It’s not her. So, what you are feeling is absolutely okay,
  5. Mel’s Remains

    I like that Going way, way, back.... I adopted a kitten from a shelter. I wanted to pick out a kitten, but the first one I held put it’s claws in my sweater & latched on. We could not get him off. I tried to look at other kittens briefly with him stuck on me, but then said, “Forget it, I’ll just have to take this one.” & I wore him out of the shelter. He was awesome, kind of peculiar when he got older - he thought if he couldn’t see you, then you couldn’t see him & that’s how he would hide when he was bad & then we would act like we: didn’t see him / couldn’t find him, so I guess we were also peculiar...
  6. Grieving the loss of stolen cat

    That is terrible..Certainly, you’ve been distraught not knowing where or how he is & anger at those who took him. I would be beside myself. I would feel like closure would not be possible. It’s the “not knowing” that is so tormenting. He does look like a very kind cat. Everyone has a different situation and everyone experiences grief differently, so there is no way to tell you when it gets easier, just know that it will. I’m very sorry about Quincy.
  7. putting my dog to sleep today

    @AJWCatStorey is beautiful!! I love that name too.
  8. Mel’s Remains

    @KayC I just saw a picture of Arlie! That is a face you just want to grab with both hands and give a big kiss to!
  9. I'm not ready.....

    a.) If you are concerned with the amount of body fluid that may be released, then perhaps you should call the vet and ask them what to expect - yes? b.) If it is to be a substantial amount, and you’ve stated you do not want the bedding to be drenched so you can keep her scent, then you can prepare her bed in such a fashion that most or all of the fluid will be absorbed into something else & her bed will remain as dry as you prefer. I understand her size, and yes, this can be done. You’ve been very fortunate to have this extra time with Ava. I hope it has brought you more joy than affliction. Bless Ava & I wish you well.
  10. Devastated

    I love that picture! So cute!!
  11. @MyMocha Hey, how are you doing? Your always checking on every one else... Thanks for also refering to her as my “sister” on my post - thanks for “playing along”. Right now, I’m trying to find a picture of her and I together, so strange - all this time she was right next to me, I never thought of taking us together, there was no need to. So tell me, how have you been? I hope you have been well.
  12. Did I do the right thing?

    @Woodworker We are always here for you. R.I.P. Buster.
  13. I'm not ready.....

    Ava!!! Sarah, I just saw that you posted and I held my breath scrolling down to your post. I feel relieved. Okay, I won’t say anything else. I’m just glad how today turned out for you and Ava.
  14. Devastated

    I’m so sorry, it is devastating to lose your friend. I understand about the “silence” it can be overwhelming. If you would like to talk more about her we’re here. I personally, would love to see a picture of her - if/when you’d like to.
  15. Overwhelming grief over the loss of my dog

    @TML27 That is heartbreaking. I am so sorry. I lost my dog a little over 2 weeks ago, she also was always by my side - so I understand completely. We are here for you. @Ang007 I love the pictures of your handsome boy. How are you today?