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    Putting down cat
  1. We put our cat down yesterday

    Thank you all for your kind words @AJWCat @MyMocha @KayC. You have no idea how much it means to me and my family. @KayC we wached the video and cried, but it made it a bit easier. Thank you. I hope you all will feel better soon, at least a little bit. We are all in this together.
  2. Spoki (named after Star trek character Spock) was found on the streets 4 and half years ago. My dad took him home and I spent 2 hours cleaning him from bugs and dirt. He was beautiful white/caramel colour, the first cat I ever saw coloured like that. He was such a good cat, he would never intentionally scratch you or bite you. Even if you tried to provoke him he would just leave. He loved playing with laser and his friend Miki, our other cat. He loooved eating, he was a little fatso. Whenever he would hear opening of a chicken wrap or greek yoghurt he would come running and meowed until you'd give him something. He was a bit of a scaredy cat, you couldn't put your head near his. But he loooved cuddling and he would cuddle and purr all the time. I loved putting him on his back in my lap and he would purr and squeeze his little paws. Around 10 days ago we noticed he doesn't want to play anymore. He would just sleep, started eating less. We took him to the vet and he told us he could hear heart murmur and to go check him to another vet. They told us his heart was ok but he looked like he had heavy anemia and to draw his blood. We thought well f*** anemia you can keep it under control with iron and all that you know? But blood test results told us he had leukemia. His health was slowly deteriorating even with better food, peaceful enviroment and IV every day for 4 days. Yesterday I cuddled him for a bit but then he got excited and wanted to hide under the bed. We didn't let him and he started having a seizure, wailing and crying and trying to take a breath. He just layed there and breathed heavily. We took him to the vet and made the hardest decision of our lives. Poor love couldn't even breath anymore because of anemia, he would just suffocate to death and we didn't want him to die painfully. Vet gave him anesthesia and his little head just dropped in two seconds. It was obvious he was ready to go and that he suffered a lot. I was holding him in my lap all the way to the place where we buried him. It was like he was sleeping. It hurts so much. He was with us for only 4 short years and I don't know how I will be able to cope. Everywhere I look around the apartment I only see him, where he slept and climbed and played and sat. He was a part of the family. Miki, the other cat is searching for him around. We let him sniff him one last time so he could have closure. Sorry for the long post I just needed to let it all out. My parents and I are all devastated and on calming pills. It's so hard.