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    Father passed away 12/24/2017
  1. My father passed away on Christmas Eve 2017. He was diagnosed in August, starting with him feeling under the weather, then ultimately diagnosing him with cancer in his bone marrow and low platelet count. From there it was four months of ups and downs, he would have good days, then a some bad ones sprinkled in. They expected him to have a full recovery, and was even scheduled for a bone marrow transplant this month. Two donors were even lined up. Literally within a couple of days he declined and the doctors said his body wouldn’t make another chemo treatment and suggested hospice at home or hospital death. We took him home on December 23, and by midnight that night we were giving him morphine from his comfort kit. The next day he was unresponsive until he passed at 5:15 pm. I am still in a state of shock, as this was not supposed to happen, that this was not where my sweet daddy’s journey ended. This was the middle- and the rest of the way was supposed to be good news and healing. The couple of weeks since have been the hardest of my life and I feel like I am drowning. What Can I do to help myself? To stop feeling like this?