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  1. Cannot grieve for my father

    My father died on 13/12/2017. When I received the news, I cried. Afterwards I cried maybe twice for a few seconds. I think of him everyday though. The problem is I feel so guilty that I am not grieving for him. My father was a really difficult person who made life unbearable for me and my siblings (mostly me), as well as my mom. Whenever I think of my dad I think of the day he told me that no matter what I achieve in my life, he will never be proud of me. That's what I had to put up with ever since I can remember. Don't get me wrong, he was my father and I would have cared for him if he had gotten sick in my home. I loved him no matter what and I did forgive him many words he said to me. I just cannot grieve for him. I don't know if its because maybe I have not fully realized that he is gone forever, or am I just a heartless daughter? This is really getting to me. I cry because I cannot cry for my deceased father, and that's that. am I an evil person?