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  1. First let me start off by saying I'm not trying to belittle anyone's loss because the loss of any family member is horrific and this I only know so true you might not believe me but I have lost all my siblings within a nine month.. I lost my sister Darlene and April I lost my brother John in July and now I've lost my sister Linda in January. I'm only 43 years old and I'm the last of the last I've lost my mom my dad my grandparents all but one uncle and one ant I am all alone and I don't know how to handle it. I am completely numb I mean who loses all their siblings in less than a year? Have you ever met anybody? I mean I'm not talking about a terrible car accident where everyone dies or a wartime situation where something gets bombed I'm talking about systematically losing all of your siblings to different events in less than one year! In the worst thing about it is two of the three died terrible accidents and I cannot get law enforcement to do anything about it. I cannot get any support.. No help.. No answers... Nothing. See I learned one thing, law enforcement does not care one iota about you or your family because it's not their family so as far as they're concerned they don't give a rat's ass
  2. All I can say is motorcycles are a son of a bitch and more people get killed on them than anything I've ever seen before I owned one before and was a safe driver and I don't know how many times I almost got smeared because of people not watching what they're doing my best advice is if you own a motorcycle listen to this poor person story take that thing come spring and sell it before you end up dead as well they're nothing but death machines just waiting to claim another victim
  3. First of all let me say I'm sorry for your loss and your family's loss when it comes to losing somebody you never hope to lose a loved one in such a barbaric way I know this first-hand. I got a call this past July at 1 in the morning at work telling me that my brother might have committed suicide well in a frantic I left the mill and drove to his house only to find about 30 cop cars and a SWAT team there it seems that either his son or his wife shot him in the chest that night God Only Knows Why I spent hours at the police station answering questions that had nothing to do with me and the next day when I went there to his house to help secure the property after the SWAT team destroyed it by breaking out all the windows all the doors and the wall I walked in to an absolute bloody mess there was blood all over the house blood all over the kitchen blood in the shower where somebody cleaned up keep in mind I was told that he committed suicide in his bedroom and never left the bed! So explain to me the blood all over the house gunshots in the house through walls stuff like that well the coroner's office declared it a homicide and you believe even with that the Town Police still refuse to investigate my brother's murder! They say he committed suicide and that's the end of the story even though all the evidence points to murder and the coroner's report clearly states homicide they refuse to do anything about it. The bottom line is law enforcement doesn't care less about any of us or our families but believe me if it was their loved one that was stabbed to death or shot to death baby crying for help
  4. Watched Father Die

    I watched my father walk into the hospital in March and died in a hospice bed at home one month later and for those 31 days I slowly washed a strong man that I looked up to my whole life slowly wither away to a bag of bones and listen to him moan every night in pain with a chest tube in his side the day he died he woke up and somehow that chest tube wasn't in them and his chest slowly filled with fluid until he couldn't breathe anymore and he died I had to help carry my father's body out of the house I was the one who closed my father's eyes like in a bad Western and that is scarred me for life I've had some of the worst nightmares waking up screaming because of things I've seen in my dreams some of that stuff you don't ever get over and now most recently I lost all three of my siblings one brother and two sisters within 9 months my first sister last April my brother in July and now my last sister in January I'm only 43 years old and I have nobody left so believe me I know what loss is and believe me I feel your pain I just hope you don't ever have to feel mine
  5. Just the other day I wrote and said how I lost two of my siblings and it's very hard to live with well I just lost my last sister! They believe she had a seizure and stopped breathing and now she's gone and I am completely alone in this world in more ways than one everyone thinks they have had loss and many have but can you honestly see what I'm saying? Have you ever known anybody that lost all three other siblings within 10 months? God has it out for me I don't know why but he does MyLife only continues to get worse
  6. You won't be me if I told you.... But I just loss my last sister just a couple days ago!!!... No jokes. I have officially lost all my siblings within 9 months.... I'm all alone
  7. I'm Mike I don't really know what to say or how to act about what's going on in my life. I'm the youngest of 4...im 43. So far I have lost :all grandparents, uncle, father, mother, step mom, step sister.. And most recent... A great person, my nephew to suicide... Then in April I lost my sister in a terrible accident... And three months later, my brother to homicide. I'm just completely numb inside, and I have three children of my own I need to be there for, but I have no interest. To boot,, there Mother, my wife was cheating on me basically our whole relationship (13yrs.).....and I've stayed in it only for my children as I don't trust people around them... My wife has terrible taste in men.. And I have young daughters... Soooooooo But that's another story,, The loss of basically my entire family has about destroyed me on the inside and I have no interest in life anymore. I know I could use some counseling and some anti depression meds but they are afraid to give stuff out anymore... So I just go on.. Day by day... But it's soooooo hard. I feel like a damn zombie anymore What should I do?? How can I get through this on my own?