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  1. I find myself questioning God

    Growing up in a religious house I've never questioned God until 8/21/17. That's when my mom died from ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed in May and in August she was gone. I prayed so much during those 4 months and I feel like it was useless. I was so angry at God! I'm completely devistated by mom's death. She was a great person, always caring about others. It just isn't fair!
  2. I miss my mom.....

    Thank you so much for the thoughtful and kind words. I feel the exact same as you do. People say to me oh it's going to take some time, but I honestly feel that this is something that time is not going to solve. I say this because I feel like as every day passes I miss her more & more! I'm considering getting a dog for emotional support. I will see my therapist on Monday so I'll talk to her about it. I'm sorry that you have to go through this alone. Even though I have my daughter, I still feel very alone & empty. Thanks again for listening!
  3. I miss my mom.....

    It is 3:53am and I'm exhausted but can't fall asleep. I just joined a few minutes ago. I've come to realize that I'm falling into a depressive state. I lost my mother August 31, 2017 and have been completely devistated ever since. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was gone within 4 months. My mom meant everything to me. I've just about everyday since. I immediately went back on my anxiety meds because I knew there was no way I was going to make it on my own. I'm also seeing a grief therapist. I'm 50 years old,(divorced)and I have a 21 year old daughter whom I love very much. If I didn't have her I'm quite sure that I would be in Psych ward by now. I feel like as each day goes on I'm feeling worse. I can't believe that she is gone & I'm never going to see her again! Pray for me. Thanks for listening!