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      Hi all,  I'm sure you've noticed some changes in the forums. We've again had to do some updates, so that's why things may look a little different. Nothing major should have changed.  Also, we are going to start adding advertisements sensitive to our community on the boards. This is something we are experimenting with, and we will certainly make sure they are in the best interests of everyone. We want to make sure our forums continue to stay accessible and cost free to all of our members, and this is a way to ensure this.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to privately message me or email me at Konnie@beyondindigo.com.  As always, we will be here with you, ModKonnie


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  1. Thank you so much Kay I’m going to use your points as the check list day to day Your and the others have given me so much with your reply’s Can’t put into words how much it means x
  2. Thank you for your response I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't remember much in the first few month just on autopilot Your doing far better than I am at the moment. I'm trying to sort out counselling but finding long waiting lists and can't see my GP till next Tuesday which feels a very long time away. This just seems to have hit me all at once and I'm feeling overwhelmed. I think you are doing all the right things - I didn't do that at the time and now I'm regretting that I didn't perhaps if I had reached out for help sooner I may not feel like this now. I really hope your journey is eased by the support and people around you You are so brave you will be in my thoughts Take care of yourself x
  3. Don't really know where to start this is my first time online I'm feeling really overwhelmed I lost my mum and husband in September 2016 thought I was coping but the last few weeks have been awful Everyone says it will get bettter but I feel I'm unraveling Really panicked and shaking fearful of everything I just want to feel there are others here who can understand I really feel the pain in your posts and do understand My best wishes to you all. Looking for any ideas of support or how to get through this feeling