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      Hi all,  I'm sure you've noticed some changes in the forums. We've again had to do some updates, so that's why things may look a little different. Nothing major should have changed.  Also, we are going to start adding advertisements sensitive to our community on the boards. This is something we are experimenting with, and we will certainly make sure they are in the best interests of everyone. We want to make sure our forums continue to stay accessible and cost free to all of our members, and this is a way to ensure this.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to privately message me or email me at Konnie@beyondindigo.com.  As always, we will be here with you, ModKonnie


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  1. Lost my mom 5 months ago. Depressed.

    Thank you for reading and responded. Greatly appreciated!
  2. My mom battled cancer for over 4 years and we ended up losing her this summer. I'm 25. I have found myself to fall into a really dark place. I'm not sure if it's because of the holidays or just how the grieving process is working but I've never felt so depressed. Going to work seems so meaningless and I dread doing the smallest productive things daily. I feel like life has really dumped on me and I'm angry. I panic sometimes thinking "wow, I will never actually see her again." What a terrible feeling. She was the most amazing person in the world to me. She was my best friend. There are things that have happened since she's passed that she'd normally talk me through. And now I can't share any of my problems with the one person who made me feel normal again. Life sucks.