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  1. Please help

    Thank you for your responses. Just reading them gives me some comfort; knowing I’m not alone. I’m not alone, I have support, but sometimes hearing it from people you don’t know brings solace. I think I get scared because I don’t think it feels totally “real” yet, and I’m afraid for when it will? I’m trying to stay busy, but that scares me too. Am I delaying my grieving? Although I still cry everyday I told my husband about my post and I think I need to actually get him to read. He can be a bit hesitant about these type of things. Once again, thank you. I hope you all have found some peace as well. Knowing we’re not alone and have a place to speak deeply and freely definitely helps. I’m truly sorry for everyone’s losses as well. You are in my thoughts.
  2. Please help

    I’m looking for help from strangers. My husband and I lost our baby girl, Sammy, on Christmas Eve. She was 9 and had hemangiosarcoma. She did intravenous chemo, and then pills. She was doing fantastic and had an amazing month, week, and even day of her passing. She went outside around 5:30pm while I was making dinner and my husband came and got me. She was very lethargic, and seemed so uncomfortable. She couldn’t walk, and whenever she tried it was as if her back left leg wasn’t working properly. We think the cancer may have spread to her head. We brought her inside as we had a feeling this may be time. Neither my husband or I have actually experienced a pet passing in person. We were confused and wanted a vet to come to the house, but no luck with it being a holiday and a Sunday. She was panting heavily, and everntually threw up. We decided to take her to the ER and we could have done a bunch on test, more test with more procedures. After laying with Sam for a while she put her head on my knee and looked up at me with her beautiful big brown eyes. My husband and I knew that it was her time. We made the hardest decision of our lives and let her go. She passed with such grace and dignity; as she did with everything she did while alive. Samantha is our child! We are mourning and don’t know what to do. Going on day 4 now, if I think about her too much I feel sick to my stomach, have extreme anxiety, and feel scared... scared? I don’t know why? Are my feelings normal? Is my baby ok? I know she is, but why does a part of me still worry. She was with me almost all day everyday. I was always with her, touching her, cuddling her, talking to her, etc. My husband was with her longer then me and is struggling more than me. Can someone help me with how to help him? Seeing him in so much pain hurts me so badly. I appreciate any help/suggestions/advice/support.