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  1. I Need some help

    Thank you so much for you advise they have released the body now and he will be laid to rest in 5 days my partner seems to be coping but the moods change quickly he is wanting to get home and back to work the day after the funeral he thinks he will help all l can do is try and be supportive , they also were given the prelimonary autopsy results and that has given him some peace his son he thought had a flu bug passed in his sleep from a seizure and was in no pain this has given him some answers until the full results are back
  2. I Need some help

    i have been with my partner for 28 years and he was previously married and him and his ex wife had a son together we live in a different state and on Saturday we recieved a phone call that was from his ex wife in hysterics she was in her sons room and he was not breathing he was 30 years old he had passed in his sleep , my partner flew immediately to Vic to be with his Ex wife (as he should be) and because it was so sudden and quick l was not able to go with him to support him the reality is that he is a casual worker and we need my income to survive and also pets at home and no one that can stay with them , so he needed me to stay home. His taking it very hard as he spoke and saw his son regually but things have become really hard for me being here alone l loved him for 28 years also he was part of my life and my partner last night was acting strange he was extremely drunk ringing me at 2am and 3am saying some extremely hurtful things and even things that lead me to believe he might try to kill himself (my father passed away from suicide and he knows talk like that sends me into a deep depression) He has called today no mention of his drunken calls and has not been nasty today on the phone , l just do not know how to help him l listen l say nothing because anytime l tried to comfort him hisended up him wanting to argue with me and we are generally not like that we argue but not often , l am hurting so badly l loved him and l adore his ex wife also who is a wonderful person l am screwing up in helping him, can someone please suggest anything l can do the wait is agony for my partner waiting to know when they can bury him