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  1. Joe, blessings to you. It is not your fault and nothing anyone might say can change your mind of that unless you open yourself to the fact that you are innocent that you argued with your father of spreading your wings and becoming an adult, as who your father would want to see. An adult moving forward in his life. Your father is and will always be proud of you. Know that every day of your sadness in a strength that your father, your family, and you give to yourself. Blessings to you young man, you are the light you are the strength...believe that!
  2. I found my way here in hope to help a wonderful person, my best friend and one of the best people I know. She is loving and precious to me. I wanted to post about my own loss and how it devastated me. my story is a long one and full of ptsd. i was abused as a child and when i found the courage to tell my mother about it, she chose to not believe it. My mother, throughout my life was a loving and caring mother, and I do not think she knew how to deal with what happened to me when i told her. I have forgiven her that, because the sum total of my mother was a wonderful loving woman of whom i am proud to be her daughter. I lost her after my brother passed with lymphoma in '96. barely one year later my mother passed of pancreatic cancer. I was devastated with my brother's loss, and just as much with the loss of mom. She chose a horrible man to marry before my brother got sick. In the end, I was left begging at their house for just a chance to see her. she was on hospice care at that time and i had ruined any chance of seeing her from her husband who was an alcoholic. I was given 5 minute with her with police in the next room after my actions that day. I have never felt more alone and powerless than at that moment. It has affected me to this day, i was alone and powerless to do anything but tell her in her inebriated state of morphine that I loved her and would endlessy so. This and so much of my life, via bad choices i made for myself as an adult , for my inability to help the ones i loved...devastated me. I live with that every day. I hate myself. I hate that i am weak and ineffectual. I got into a drug, crack, years later, as a method i think of trying to cope. My girlfriend, who at the time, was addicted...i wasnt, gave me the opportunity to try this drug. It was awessome in its sick ways...immediate euphoria. I found myself in the lowest point in my life then. Embarrassed and weak. I finally said i need help. I found strength and went into rehab at a state-run facility. I have not once relapsed and I have my 10 yr sober from that drug this next year 2018. I am an alcoholic still though and am actively seeking help for that from encouragement my best-loved friend. She has given me such encouragement to change my life that I cannot thank her enough. I want every one here to know, your are your light, you are your care , you are your own savior if you want...blessing to all, love and light to all, may you forever be blessed with the recognition that you can change your life and heal from your sadness. I BELIEVE IN YOU! in loving kindness, Karen
  3. Helping a friend

    Thank you Tommy's Mum for your kind words. I have given my friend my log-on info so she can better explain/edit my initial post if she needs, or perhaps create her own log on/account. I would say I am not any more generous a friend than anyone here who has dealt with loss and is suffering and gives advice, listens to and encourages those who seek understanding and recognition. I send you care and thoughts across the miles
  4. Helping a friend

    Hello all, I send blessings I am hoping to find some help for my dear friend who, last year, lost her only child. She has gone to a few support groups and ended up stopping due to her feeling they were not right for her. She also saw a psychologist or psychiatrist (not sure which) but found the person and her did not relate and left with a bad taste about that. I have recently reconnected with her and in talking with her, and being the holidays, she is feeling overwhelmed and saddened. I have encouraged her to try again a therapist, either type. She is willing, but is having a hard time trying to find one she feels comfortable with. She would prefer a female, but is open to male. she has looked at reviews online and is getting discouraged that she can find a good fit for her. She is a strong person and like myself is somewhat old-school. She is in her mid 50's. She lives near the Oklahoma City area. what im hoping is to help her find recommendations for a therapist near her. But she is getting frustrated and wanting to stop trying so I offered to try and do some leg work for her. She is willing to do over the phone therapy, but I think in person at least to start off might be good for her. She is also willing to drive a ways, within reason, to find the right therapist for her. If anyone has a recommendation, or an area for me or her to look for help I would so appreciate it. I am visiting her this holiday season, we are reconnecting after a long absence and I want to try and be a true friend and help her not just give her platatudes, but do any and everything I can to help her at her time of need. thank you kindly all, and again, I send blessing to each and every one. I think I posted the original in the wrong section of help, I apologize and ask that if needs be a moderator can delete that original thread.