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  1. horrible guilt and shame

    Dear Maria, Firstly thank you so much for starting this group and sharing your story. I have recently discovered this site and it is quite frankly amazing to read everyones stories and see how people are supporting each other. I also lost my kitten a while back and it was the most pain I think I have ever felt. I wrote a song at the time, which really helped me to process my grief. I am sharing it as much as possible on here just in the case that it may help anyone like it did for me. It is a horrible horrible thing to lose a pet and not everyone understands. So if my work can be of any help I would be so happy to have served! The link is below. All my love, Stella x
  2. Lost my soulmate and not sure how to go on.

    I have just come across this forum, I'm not really sure how it all works so forgive me if I use it wrong! I totally understand how it feels to not have people understand when you lose a pet! It's frustrating and can make you feel silly but we are NOT! A loss is a loss! I lose my kitten, he was run over by a car, here one minute, gone the next. I just couldn't believe it. He was a baby. All of your writing on here is so wonderful and supportive and it's so lovely frankly to know that others have ben effected by the same thing too. I don't know if this will help at all but I wrote this song after Trevor died (I'm a musician and it's the only thing I could do at the time) and it really helped me to grief and honor him. I wrote the song just for myself to help me but then decided to release it just in case it could do the same for somebody else. Now that I am on here and reading all of your stories I am really glad I did. I hope with all my heart that it can offer some relief to some of you. All my love, Stella
  3. Grieving and Emotional Numbness

    Dear all, I don't know if this will be of any help to anyone but I wrote this song after I had suffered a loss. It was very sudden and I just was completely numb myself and didn't know what to do as many of you have described on here. I am a musician and it was the only thing I could do to feel any relief and it really worked for me. I wept and wept an although it was so very painful, the release was helpful and at least I was able to actually feel something. I had never intended to release the song but one day I decided, if it can help me this much perhaps it might be of some help to others. I wanted to share it with you all and I hope with all my heart that it is of some tiny little help amongst what will always be a very dark and sad time. The link is below: All my love and support Stella x