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  1. My adult sister is dying from terminal cancer. It is very aggressive as she was only diagnosed 2 months ago. As a result we are all in shock. I am very close to my sister and have always spoken to her nearly every night on the phone and would meet up regularly. Another sister has been estranged from all of us for the last 5 years. I need to qualify that with although she has been estranged, prior to that she has never bothered with me and my brother who are younger. All of a sudden she came back into our lives and has taken over the care of my sister (my sister has 2 adult children). I was prepared to accept this if it made my dying sister happy. However, on a recent visit to the hospice my husband made a remark about dying that upset my sister who is dyng. My husband was so upset as he wouldn't hurt my sister for the world. My sisters children understood that and were very gracious. However, we were then asked to leave by my sister who is doing the caring. In addition to this my brother has been staying overnight at the hospice. There is no need for him to do this but he has gone ahead anyway. Although he got on with my sister, he is not that close, never having a conversation with her, not knowing her friends etc. I am so angry and upset as I have now been sidelined. At my last visit, I had to stay at a hotel as I wasn't welcome at my sister's (carer's) house. I can't believe a slip of the tongue from my husband has resulted in this. I am having to beg for updates. I feel so bad not being near my sister and not being there for her in this last week as apart from her children, I was closest to her. I'm trying to work things out, is my sister the carer jealous of me? am I jealous of her? My husband make a mistake that he apologised for. Yet my sister the carer, didn't give it a second thought in getting rid of us. I'm so confused. Any advice gratefully received.