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  1. I live at the other side of the world, in Rio de Janeiro. A 13 hours flight from home. Yesterday, 18th of november, I received the worse phone call I could ever have received. My mom telling me that my daddy passed away, suddenly, in his sleep of a heart attack. This huge distance anestesiates my pain because here nothing reminds me of him but this pain is already undescribable. Tonight I’m taking a plane to go home and it’s going to be the worse plane trip ever with a 4 hour lay-over all by myself and a total of 17 hours travelling by myself. I’ll be seeing those clouds and thinking about him. I can’t imagine the shock and the pain that will go through my heart arriving at the airport and not seeing my dad, just my mom and my brother with their sad faces, with their pain. I’ll go home and find everything of my daddy and not see him, ever again. I can’t imagine that this is my life from now on, that is the reality I will have to face from now on. The holiday season is around the corner and it’s going to be so much tougher, every year, Christmas, New Years, birthdays, will never be the same anymore. He was young, 62, in perfect health and so many dreams to realize with my mom. Life is so unfair! :,( Rest in peace daddy