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  1. Early Days

    such wise words. I never think of things that way. We always think we must do what is right, whatever that means, well by not showing our feelings and being told pull yourself together he was an old dog. I will leave his things in my car and not think I have to get rid of them. What you say certainly helps and just go from day to day and if I cry it’s not anything to feel bad or ashamed of doing.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply and indeed it does help to read about people’s thoughts and what they are going through.  I am so sorry to hear about your husband and you find comfort in this forum. I think I do and helps to write down how your feeling.  Thanks again, regards Nancy

    1. KayC


      I'm glad you found us.  Keep coming here, it's a lifeline!

  3. the pain hasnt stopped

    Many thanks for your reply it does help to know that you understand what it feels like to lose a pet who was your life. I don’t think I spent much time away from Boomer in all the years we had him. And I never envisaged that I would feel like this. I was feeling strong and together when we took him to the vets and knew we probably would not bring him home. It was the kindest thing to do. But now I am left with nothing but sorrow and emptiness. Walking about in a daze with no particular purpose. I hope you are recovering and that it does get easier one day.
  4. Early Days

    it was only Monday night when Boomer was put to sleep and it is very hard getting thru each long day. The only time is when I am at work my mind does not constantly think of my boomer. The nights are bad and mornings everywhere reminds me of boomer even if I go out I am reminded of all the places we used to go and where he and I will not go again. My car still has his cover and towels and leads and his collar. I can’t bring myself to put them away and everyday tasks become meaningless. Even seeing my walking boots relates to when we went walkabout. I am at a loss at what to do.
  5. the pain hasnt stopped

    Hello A Cat many thanks for your message it certainly helps to talk about losing a pet and to know there is support as well. I think it’s not the act of putting him to sleep as he seemed to go painlessly and quickly but the fact he is no longer here. I just got home from work (I work evenings) and automatically went to look behind sofa where his bed is and the realisation I won’t be doing anything with him. It’s just so quiet. He was a big part of our lives and especially mine taking him out to different places for his daily walks and visits to family members. I am so lost with out him I think even the cat senses something is different. There are so many reminders; dog food dog bowl leads treats toys bed. Thanks again and hope your loss gets easier in time.
  6. the pain hasnt stopped

    Hello I’m new here and thought i would read many messages relating to pet loss as I did not realise how badly it would effect me. So numb with it all and feeling lost after having our dog Boomer put down last night. He was quite elderly and would of been 16 years old next March. He was healthy for most of his life and no major visits to the vets. But at this grand old age and with arthritis in his limbs and lumps appearing we did the best thing for him. But you do feel if maybe he was seen sooner would he have survived longer. No Boomer appearing from behind the sofa and so many memories everywhere it’s just heartbreaking.