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  1. Lost my last relative

    I lost my mom yesterday father and brother both two years ago. Nothing that I ever thought was pain or a problem in life before a fraction compares to the pain I feel that she's gone . I too always told myself the day she died I'd have to kill myself I can't live without her it's only been 24 hours and it feels like someone has taken the ground right out from underneath me and ripped my insides to shreds. I just saw her thursday Sunday I watched her die
  2. My mom just died 24 hours ago she was 61. I held her hand she she took her last breath. I'm in her only daughter she had a heart or gold Neve hurt a fly a really special woman and right now I feel like a. Part of me has gone too
  3. My mom and I have always been close in her only child. She got lung cancer five years ago she fought really hard and hung on until I believe she knew I was going to be okay. My father and brother died it was just us for a long time. After I got married she stayed with us and then finally got too sick for us to help two weeks ago she went into a nursing home. She seemed to be kind of better I didn't even visit for a few days that guilt is eating me. I then get a call out of the blue from a nurse that my mom had a few hours left I went straight there yesterday and I watched her die. I've never felt this kind of pain or guilt and I can't function I feel like my world my life my heart and soul is gone