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  1. When I was 14 my grandmother died - we were very, very close and I was distraught. When I was 17 my brother died in a motorcycle accident. When I was 30 my dad died, leaving only me and my mum. My mum was (is) the most important person to me. I genuinely feel like she was my soul. She was more like a best friend than a mum. She was my cheerleader and my confidante and my support system. She was my remaining connection with my past; with my family; with my upbringing. She was the most important and beautiful part of my life. When I was a child I used to say to myself that I could cope with anything except losing my mum and that my only recourse when she died would be suicide. For me it felt totally normal to accept this as a given, so strong was my bond with her. My mum died two years ago, when I was 38, and I am still struggling. I dream about her most nights. I am envious of everyone else around me who has parents. I feel anger that some people have both parents whereas all four members of my family have been taken from me. I know it's wrong to feel like that but I do. I have a fantastic partner but I am even envious of him, with two sisters, a brother, a niece, four nephews, both parents and loads of cousins. I have nobody. No one with my surname; no one who knew me as a child; no one who can reminisce about something that happened in the family years ago; no one who is 100% on my side whatever happens, even when I am in the wrong. And it hurts. And it makes me jealous. One of my friends was having boyfriend problems and I couldn't help but dismiss her. To me it's not a real problem if the guy you are seeing messes you around. Not when you still have your mum alive and well. And I think I am angry at the world, and it's making me hate everyone and everything. I argue with strangers on trains and tubes all the time and I think there's a connection with my feelings of how unfair it is that all my family has been ripped away from me. I want to feel like I'm not alone in feeling this way.
  2. I'm alone

    Hey, Imscared, I am brand new here and yours is the first post I've really seen. I think I can sympathise. I am going to make my own post about this. You're not alone.