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  1. Slicks-sister, thanks for posting this. I know it may not have been your intention, but this post helped me at a lonely time. I lost my brother weeks after you lost yours. My brother was 31 and it was sudden. Our family has supported each other but upon the one year mark I started to feel a way I haven't as much previously. I initially wanted to talk with someone about the one year mark but wanted to speak with someone other than my husband, and someone that was left to be an only child. I realized all of the other people I knew had not lost a sibling or was not left to be the only one. I can't explain why this was different, but this thought made me feel the loneliest I have felt since he died. Weird considering I already realized I was the only one left on entire side of my family (our parents are divorced and our father died just 4 years before). I have felt an emptiness since my brother was taken. I decided to look online and saw this post. I felt bad wanting to find someone that was in a similar situation since that would mean they are experiencing the same misery. I'm sorry for your loss, but thank you for posting this and helping me in a lonely time.