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  1. First of all, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how devastating this is, and I can say from experience that the first month following loss of a child you are still in shock. The last thing that you need is a family conflict, so if there is any way to extricate yourself from the drama, please do. When my son died in August, I was totally blown away by the love and support that I received. Some people stepped forward that I would never expected, and a few whom I thought would be by my side abandoned me totally. In particular, my closest friend chose that time to tell me how selfish and self centered I was among other things. It’s a long story, but it was unexpected and devastating not having her to turn to. To this day, I don’t understand what came over her - it seemed to me that she resented the attention I was receiving. She has experienced loss in her life but not a child - and it seemed to me that she thought my grief was overboard or something. She has since tried to make it up to me, but I will never feel close to her again. I was profoundly disappointed, and I realized that she was unable to empathize with my grief. Everyone behaves differently in this type of situation. You are too deep into your loss to deal with your sister. My advice for what it’s worth is to let it go. You know your sister is a selfish person...it is truly sad that she is so self absorbed but it sounds like she is unlikely to change. Turn to the people who show you love and compassion.
  2. Loss of Adult Son

    Jean, this is my first posting on this forum. I lost my youngest son on August 11. He was 27 years old. It’s funny how grief works. I have good days and bad days. I have had several people tell me that loss of your child, at any age, never gets better - you just learn to live with it... I was also told not to be surprised if after a month or two you regress back to the beginning of the grief journey - this has been true for me. I wish I had words of comfort, but I don’t right now. The best I can say is that you are not alone. There are many of us out here on this same journey. I haven’t done a lot of reading on this forum yet, but it’s one of the things I have turned to for help. I’m really glad you have a loving family and church - it’s a comfort to realize how kind and good people really are. Unfortunately, I think this is a pretty solitary journey...at least for me...and we all grieve differently. I miss my son desperately. It’s the worst feeling of longing that I’ve ever had. Prayers and best wishes to you!