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  1. I can't go on

    Thankyou everyone for the feedback and I will take that on board, I will try and talk to my mum about finding a specialist councelor to talk to about my emotions and feelings. It's hard keeping emotions and feelings inside without letting them out. I appreciate all the comments back and I will try and live life with joy and enjoy my many years ahead
  2. I can't go on

    I lost my Dad on the 13th May 2012, I was 9 at the time and it was the hardest part of my life. I remember saying goodbye to my Dad at Lakeside before travelling to Poland (my Dad was a Speedway Rider and was always travelling). It was on Sunday I went to bed and I couldn't sleep I woke up in the morning and my Nan was round, I went into my lounge and there i sore my nan and my mum crying, I asked them what's wrong and they told me my dad was never coming home. I completely broke down and I didn't know what to do anymore because I did everything with my dad, he took me to everyone of my football matches, went to watch his practice, travelled to all of his races, did everything you could imagine and I had such a close relationship with my dad, and from there on life didn't get much easier. I was depressed until the age of 12, didn't want to eat, drink or do anything. My mum offered everything and I didnt want anything but my dad and that is never going to happen and it upsets me so much now thinking of it. I'm only 14 years old and I feel like I can't go on with my life anymore I struggle so much, I'm learning everyday and I want to ask for some advise and I would appreciate any feed back because I seriously don't know what to do. I struggle to talking face to face and I'm too afraid of showing my emotions