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  1. Hello Wayne, I do have family and friends. But it's not the same. I come from a family who argue a lot and I get really impatient with them. Sometimes I feel like I want to me on my own and then I feel really low. They are supportive but I feel like I can't talk about him as they didn't know Ben as well as I did. Everyday seems a struggle. Even writing my eulogy. I feel pretty weak. I feel so heartbroken and just lost. Ben would have been the first person I would turn to. It's so hard and tiring. I have gave him all my love even through his last few days. I just still can't believe he's gone. I committed my whole life to him and he knew that. Maybe seeing him tomorrow in the chapel of rest may help me. Help me build my strength and move on slowly. Thank you for replying. I don't know who I can talk to at times.
  2. Hello Wayne, Thank you for your reply. I am sorry for your loss too. I feel so lost without him. Ben was the only me true love of my life and I was so happy in had found each other. We were going to get married in 3weeks as well. I just feel really down. I keep asking myself why. Why did this happen. What happens of me now. This whole thing has completely changed my life and it something I never forget. How do you deal with such a thing each day of your life? Tan
  3. I have recently lost my fiance who had committed suicide by gun shot to the head. He left behind a note saying 'I wasn't meant to be. Right now I'm suffering as the funeral is still being arranged. How do i cope with this pain. I havnt not been back to work since and j am planning to go back after the funeral. Our wedding was planned 3 weeks today and I have just had my whole life turned upside down. We were do happy and we planned for the future. I really need some guidance of how to carry on with my life. What can I do now to ease some of the pain.