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  1. Hi All I just want someone to tell me whether what im feeling is normal or what My dad left when i was 3. I have two older sisters and we were brought up by my mother. My dad visited most weekends, and when i left school and started work, we became much closer. We went on holiday together, i visited his, he eventually live with me in my house until i got married. A year after i got married, he died. He was an alcoholic and died suddenly one night in the hotel where he worked. That was 11 years ago Sunday. 2 weeks after my dad died, by best friend, who had been my best man the year before, died suddenly at the age of 33 So around this time of year it is always difficult. But every year i just get so down, surely after 11 years things should be easier?? Im 37 now, with 4 children. All i can think about is what my dad would be doing now, i think about the fact he never met my kids and has missed out on that. Ive lost my motivation to do anything. My wife listens and cares very much, but has never lost a parent and so doesn't know whether what i am feeling, even after all this time, is right, wrong or what to advise. In the past i have tried to speak to a professional, but talking face to face with a stranger is not for me - it was awkward and i lasted a couple of sessions and cancelled it. So is this going to go on and on, every year spiralling down? Just miss him and my friend so much.......................................................