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  1. Funeral

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but am glad he was able to be at home when he passed - to be with you. Thank you very much again for keeping me in your thoughts, I really appreciate it.
  2. Funeral

    Thanks again KMB, and to speak more philosophically about it all, well unless one dies in the same car crash or similar circumstance, we all technically die alone. Regarding my family - my family means well, but they are flighty, and I have come to realize that I should not count on them. I'm thinking of maybe speaking to an official at the town I live (just outside Girona) and see, as well hope they can be quiet about it, if I can arrange something in advance with the understanding they will not try to solicit re-imbursement from my family. It's a risky thing I know, if word gets out that, people could be looking at me and behaving diferently.
  3. Funeral

    KMB thank you for your thoughts and concern. From what I understand that something has to be arranged with the local town hall of where I live. If not, then the the town, or some branch of the spanish government pays (they have to get rid of the deceased one way or another within 72 hours) afterwards the spanish gov might then try to solicit a claim from my family in the usa for the fees incurred. The part about spain trying to claim reimbursement is just speculation - and assuming the US State Department enforces this
  4. Funeral

    I'm going at this rather solo. Don't want to bother others with this - and let's face it: the idea of death freaks people out and I don't want to alienate people.
  5. Funeral

    The other factor in this equation is that IF and I stress the if part, my illness gets so extreme - extreme with pain and IF I carry out self deliverance to end the pain of something I will die from any, will this change the attitude of the people knowing I died at my own hands when it comes to the expenses to dispose of me?
  6. Funeral

    Thank you for your thoughts on the matter.
  7. Funeral

    Thanks reader. I did speak with a private funeral home and they said I would have to speak with the town hall of where I live and inquire if I can arrange something. It is a bit awkward as typically no man wants to have to give his hard luck story to a third party, especially being an american in Spain everyone thinks we (american expats) are all well off. And although I'm liked here where I am, the towns folks might resent having to use municipal resources to dispose of a non spaniard - that's what is so annoying about the situation.
  8. Hello All -Need advice - pragmatic advice.I'm an American living in europe, and will be dying soon. Due to my medical condition, it lead to a financial condition that lead me to not have the resources for even a cremation.And no - I'm not asking for any financial help.But I am concerned about my family ending up with getting stuck with fees for my disposal.What ever happened to the pauper's funeral? When I go I do not want to have my family get burdened like this.Thoughts?