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  1. I feel like a part of me died

    JSS, your pain and suffering is palpable. You demonstrated how much you loved her by letting her go. That’s truly love. Keeping her alive for your benefit would not only have been selfish but cruel as she was in such agony. I wish I knew a way to avoid the devastation, suffering and grief associated with a major loss, but unfortunately, I don’t. I lost my 14 year old baby boy (Maltese) a week ago. Like you, it was totally unexpected. He was just fine on Saturday. On Monday when I landed in Vegas for a business conference, I called to check on him and the doctors said he wasn’t going to make it. I was in disbelief and asked my neighbor to be with him. He died before she got there. It kills me that I wasn’t with him when he passed. He was so very attached and anxious when I was gone (which was rare). It’s been just us for the past 4 years. That’s when I lost his sister, to the day. I share all the feelings you’ve expressed and my hear goes out to you in this very difficult time. I pray the pain of their absence lessens soon.
  2. Filled with grief

    Dear Ema, I feel your pain and so sorry for your loss. I lost my angel Sunny on Oct 2 and I too have been physically, mentally and emotional ill. I cried so much the last 4 days that a welcomed calm descended on me this morning. The anxiety and nausea are returning though. I too miss my baby beyond words. He was 14 and just fine on Saturday and gone Monday. I had just landed in Vegas for a business convention when I called the hospital to check on him. They said though his vitals are stable they didn’t think he’d make it. I didn’t believe it. I sent my neighbor to be with him but he died before she arrived. It just kills me that I wasn’t there for him when he passed. Please feel free to write as often as you need. I’ll support you as best as I can. So very sorry for your irreplaceable loss.
  3. I agree with you completely, D. I too thought that when a person is ready to take their lives, their emotional instability would be obvious. In some ways it was, but I was confused because she was a high functioning attorney and though she had become very paranoid, she was going through unbearable situations. I too am so tired of living....but too afraid of dying (like the song) to take my life. In my sister’s case the pain of living became greater than her fear of dying. The saddest thing is that for many the Hell in our lives is usually not real (external event) but the result of unmanaged fear-based thoughts.