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  1. New to forum posting

    To Tommys mum thank you for your words of encouragement. I will keep my calender filled for today as much as possible and see where my distractions take me.
  2. New to forum posting

    To Tears in heaven. So sorry for the loss of your son. I will be forever missing my dear sweet Stephanie. This forum has been very helpful and I like that the members are very active here. I am on another forums that is strictly for survivors of suicide but members are not as active. Lesly has been very helpful. I especially like reading the posts which I have been doing for a good 2 months before even stArting to post myself. I prefer the forums to in person groups those haven't always worked out so well. I am even questioning how helpful the therapies are. Stephanies mom,Elizabeth
  3. New to forum posting

    In re to what has been helpful and not helpful in my grief journey I believe the therapies are maybe a little bit helpful. In re to groups grief share thru our local church the actual study was helpful the group discussions not so much also no one has a significant other die by suicide. Sos meetings I have gone to couple of those again, the participants are not always a good match for meand the meetings are late,I am an early riser and go to bed at 10 every night. I find the forums to be helpful,I can stay in my home and don't have to face to face group with anyone. I don't really socialize with anyone family or friends. I encourage them to text me or send me notes,cards etc thru snail mail. If people call by phone,I do answer the phone.........Elizabeth, Stephanie's mom
  4. New to forum posting

    To Tommys mum. I just got on line to respond sorry for the long wait. I do have a 17 1/2 year old daughter and my husband Chris living at home. All the family members go to individual and group therapies,I question how much these are helping. It has been hard for my daughter Isabel as well. It appears to be getting harder as we move through time. We are at the 9 month point so not quitea year. My daughter tries to keep herself busy with school and friends so she seems to have a good balance. She does not really speak too much about her sister Stephanie,but her therapist assures me that they speak often about her sister in therapy.....Elizabeth,Stephanie's mom
  5. New to forum posting

    To Tommys mum, let me know if I am posting the replies to you in the right place, if not maybe you can just check when th Stephanie Buttons post come so far I have heard from you the post,so I appreciate my forum friend.
  6. New to forum posting

    Tommy's mum thank you for your replies. I am attempting to respond so I hope you get this and it doesn't vote back to me I think it came back tome last time. If it doesn't get to toy I will try something else. i feel the same as you,I do not really have desire to be with too many people,it is just easier to be myself. I move from one activity or task to the next, right now I have started a 500 piece puzzle and am reading a light book. My therapist has also given me coloring pages,sometimes this deflects or is distracting other times it is not so helpful. I also try to go to the cemetery once a week,the therapist has me write a note or letter each time I go so I can talk to her, oh how I miss her...thanks again....Stephanie's mom
  7. Any good websites re grief and loss

    Any ideas on good websites re survivors of suicide. I think I have been on most of them. I have even gotten through the tube videos on suicide survivor loss. Some of it was helpful,and a lot of the information was the same. Anything brand new that might have come out in the last 6 months or so. Getting bored with going to the same websites for information.
  8. New to forum posting

    To tommy so mum thank you for your reply to my post re my dear sweet Stephanie and I am so sorry for the loss of you dear son. I don't know how I did it but found a way to start replying. I do not expect the grief to ever go away but will see if it subsides. I do not have contact with a lot of people that is my choice. Today I was considering doing some errands but opted out to just say home and go on forums.
  9. New to forum posting

    Hello. I have been reading postings on this forums for about 2 months,but have not posted anything. I was on another forum that seemed more difficult as far as the signing in process goes,so we will see if I get any responses. i have read many posts here and the community seems very helpful and supportive. I lost my 19 1/2 year old daughter to suicide on February 9th of this year so I am about 9 months in. So far, it has been a long and difficult road on this grief journey. My favorite time is when I sleep. I have tried a number of groups and therapies, individual,family, sos groups and about 6 plus sessions of grief share. I would love to hear what works for people and also post information about what works and doesn't work for me......Stephanie's mom