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  1. Loss Father & Job

    Hello, this is my first time on here. I want to find out if anyone else feels like I do. My father passed this April 2017. I called my boss to tell them I would be out for the week. On that Friday I happened to be on craigslist and saw that my work listed my job, they placed this ad the same day I called them about my fathers passing, of course I called my boss freaking out that they were going to replace me, so I went back to work right away. Things went downhill from there. I also was having a lot of health issues working there, air quality. A few weeks later, I was offered to take 2 months off to get healthy, I took the opportunity and left in May with a guarantee that my job would be there waiting for me and that I would be on standby. 2 weeks later , a letter arrived saying I was terminated through payroll and I would have to pay for cobra insurance. I was shocked and in panic mode, they would not return my calls, emails, it's like I never existed. So now since June this year, I have been struggling emotionally. Trying to look for work, trying to deal with my fathers estate business, I'm th executrix. So basically I'm sick from the air quality at the job, had to hire an attorney, had to file an L&I claim, trying to find work, tore my hamstring, feeling totally betrayed by the employer and trying to sell a plane,house and vehicle and not to mention the money in the estate account is running out. I have anxiety, I feel scared of just the tiniest task, I feel safest in my chair watching tv or getting on the internet to look up articles on job loss grief, parent passing grief to see if what I am feeling is normal considering all of things that are and having been going on these past 5 months? Or am I just going crazy! I feel like I should be able to handle everything without feeling scared and panicky. Does anyone else out there feel any of what I am feeling? I would love to hear from any of you.thank you