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  1. I'm not ready.....

    Sarah, I am so sorry such a horrible thing was said to you! No they wouldn't say this for a child or any human, would they? Please don't dwell on this. These are people to pity, they'll never know in their empty lives the depth of love we share with our pets. I only wish you had more understanding in your working environment during this difficult time.
  2. Sick with grief and guilt

    MyMocha my heart breaks that you have so much sorrow and regret over your Mocha's passing, all because of an incompetent vet. I wish I could offer you some comfort, the pain of losing them is so beyond anything, I know. I am so so sorry....
  3. Sick with grief and guilt

    AJWCat I know about these anniversaries... I am so sorry because I know the pain and the longing get so intense around these dates.I am approaching the five-month mark, but sometimes it seems like yesterday...I don't know what to say except that I feel for you and that my thoughts are with you. And I am really glad you have this sweet kitty to comfort you and keep you company.Reading everyone's losses here makes me terribly sad as well...I feel everyone's feelings so much that it gets harder and harder to respond.I know this is not supportive but I cannot help it. MelsGone I am so sorry for your losses...thank you for writing this.I like to believe that our babies are always by our side, in another form.
  4. I'm not ready.....

    @KayC I am truly sorry about your sister ,this is so hard...I wish you strength with this. The same goes for you Sarah.We are never ready to let them go,never....I feel your dread and my heart's with you. I too hope Ava is feeling better today.
  5. I'm not ready.....

    KayC I am sorry to hear that your Arlie is still sick.It's scary when the vets are unable to help our pets.I hope with all my heart that you'll find the way to make him get better.Thinking of you and wishing you strength. Sarah I am glad that you were given the opportunity to capture your sweet Ava's quirks on photos and videos, it is comforting to memorize her as much as you can. I am so sorry things are this way but this time lease is truly a blessing.I know you are savoring every minute of it.
  6. Can't let him go yet

    Oh Furbabies, I just read your latest posts..I thought your Jacob was doing fine and now..this...I cannot believe it. I wish I could be by your side. My heart is with you. Thank you for sharing your Jacob's battle with us, he was a brave little fighter. Yes he's at peace now, he was and he is, much loved. I am crying as i write this, I know how the pain is, to fight and hope and then to lose...I cannot say anything more.
  7. I want my cat back...

    @Pudge'sMom I think in the face of loss we all become like children, no matter what our age is. Because our hearts have been broken to pieces. A creature that we loved so much has been taken from us and we cannot get him/her back. It is so irrational, so unfair, so unacceptable. I really don't know if we ever fully accept it. Through your every word I feel your pain and my heart breaks for you. Yes, what we wouldn't give to hold them, touch them one more time....I don't know what else to say to you, except that I understand ,oh so well...Though the missing will always be there, I hope your pain will soften as time goes by.(((Hugs))
  8. Can't let him go yet

    He looks so much better, your sweet guy ! I am so happy for you !
  9. @Jencatlover I am glad you are doing better. The sense of time is very relevant when one is grieving but a week is really a short while, so there will be moments when the missing is very intense. Yes, the routines we had with them are the hardest to deal with. I am so sorry... @MyMocha I am so sorry for your sadness too. I wish you both comfort as days go by. @KayC I am glad your Arlie is doing better and that you found a solution to the food problem. Timers are one of the most useful things in a house.
  10. Loss of my cat

    Nadine I know how it is ...expecting to see them in their usual places, in every corner they used to lay...it hurts so much. The house feels so empty without them, even for those of us that have other pets. I don't know what else to say to you except that I feel your pain and i am so sorry....It is so comforting to have your husband to support you during this difficult time. You surely did what was best for your baby. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope sharing here will help bring you some comfort. I hope time will soften your pain .
  11. I'm not ready.....

    I too think your Ava is trying to comfort you by coming to you, telling you everything will be ok and that she will always be with you, even when she's not in material form anymore. I think our pets know so much more than we imagine...I think her brain is fine, it may be that she's starting to see into the "other side", like people do the weeks before they pass. I think she knows she will be safe and loved and that there's nothing to fear. Even so, I know getting ready to say goodbye is still so heartbreaking....but it's a great thing that your life has been arranged so that you can be constantly be with her. I pray that you find some peace in this, even among the pain.
  12. Can't let him go yet

    @Ladiebug's New Momma your Bear looks beautiful, what a sweet smart face...I know we never stop missing them. I am so sorry.
  13. Can't let him go yet

    @Furbabies09 I am so glad that the vet staff are so optimistic and that Jacob is starting to eat, this is all so encouraging! I am waiting to hear even more good news !
  14. Can't let him go yet

    Seems that you found the right people to care for your boy, I am so glad. He is in good hands. I am sending you thoughts of hope and healing.
  15. Loss of my cat

    Jane I am so sorry for your loss...I know words are not enough. I totally understand this emptiness and lack of purpose that follow such a loss, even if you have other animals or humans in your life to care for. Life just stops. It will take a while to rebuild your world and your self. There is no other way than to take it one hour at a time, one day at a time. My heart breaks for you, I know how it is, going through each day with that unbearable pain in your heart. I wish I could help you more. In time it will get easier. I pray that your heart will find comfort and healing.