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  1. Sick with grief and guilt

    Yes KayC it's so true.... My life has been split in two. One part is the "before" and one part the "after"...Two entirely different worlds.
  2. the pain hasnt stopped

    Tanya I am so sorry for your loss and your sadness. You are not a freak, you just loved your doggie so much and you had a very special bond .There are no time frames for grieving ,our heart breaks and it needs its own time to adjust. Please let yourself cry and express your pain, you're among friends here. My kitty was also 6 years old, she was so young... i totally understand you. I used to be a cheerful person too and now I am just quiet and depressed. I try to keep myself together for my family's sake but it is so hard. I used to have many hobbies and now all I want to do is sleep or watch tv to numb the pain. I am totally different too.. I wish I could help you with the pain but I am still coping with mine. All I can do is listen and share, as well as everyone in this forum. Give yourself time to grieve and time with your new pets. They can not replace your doggie but maybe they'll find a place in your heart as time goes by.
  3. Sick with grief and guilt

    I feel this way too, like I've lost my innocence ,like I was in Eden before...and now...I am somebody else, in a cold and dark place. Thank God for this forum ,that we're here for each other. The grief is so huge that it can drive you crazy if left unshared.
  4. Sick with grief and guilt

    KayC she is truly georgeous....My Sissy had ears like that...
  5. horrible guilt and shame

    You understand me....It truly is....
  6. horrible guilt and shame

    AJWCat, thank you so much ..There's this huge hole in my life and my heart, nothing can fill it. I never thought about her not being in my life, or any or of my other pets, and now it's happened and it hurts so much. I am remembering the good times but it makes the feeling of loss even worse. Thank you again for being here for me ,my thoughts are with you too.
  7. Sick with grief and guilt

    He is so sweet...a beautiful cat. He will always live in your heart. I know you gave him all the love in the world.
  8. Sick with grief and guilt

    I am so sorry for your sadness....What can I say? We always carry them with us ,in our hearts...I hope your new place will help you find some healing...
  9. Sick with grief and guilt

    I'm not a picture taking person either, and I regret so much that I don't have many pictures of my kitty. If only I have known she would be gone... She's etched on my mind too.
  10. Filled with grief

    Ema I know ...I want my kitty back too. It is so hard to accept they're gone .Our hearts are broken and that's all there is. I have no choice too, just trying to make it through each day.
  11. Filled with grief

    Love2travel,I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts. I lost my kitty one month ago. Come here to visit and write if it helps you. We are here for each other in this forum.
  12. horrible guilt and shame

    I know, I just settle too. But the days feel so long and so empty...
  13. horrible guilt and shame

    Thank you, I wish you comfort too. Yesterday was a hard day for me. I kept crying and crying. Today it's the one-month anniversary of her passing. My Sissy,my princess. I will never see her again. How am I going to live through the days and the years with this? It hurts so much...
  14. The loss of my beloved dog..

    Ema, of course you didn't mean to hurt your doggie, you were trying to help her, it was an accident. I am sure she knows this and that she felt your love to the very end. Please don't feel guilty.
  15. Sick with grief and guilt

    Oh ,AJWCat my heart breaks for you....I feel your pain. I am still crying over my kitty too. I wish I could say something to make it better for you. Except that I understand and that your feelings are shared. This sadness......it is unbelievable.