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  1. Hi Everyone please let me know your opinion about my loss I was pregnant with my third boy , when I went to regular 20weeks ultrasound they sent me to the hospital asap and they did one stich to my cervix cause it was too short ,I adviced to do bedrest after 3 weeks I noticed blood andcalled the hospital they told me to come immediately but I said let me wait till next morning ( I didn't take it seriously) next morning I still noticed the blood , I went to the hospital it turnedout I was dilated andthere was no OB around I waited 5-6 hours till she came and I was dilated enough to have delivery here is my question they said cause your baby is23 weeks old the NICU wil accept him but wont accept if he was 1 day younger (22.5 weeks or so) I didn't felt comfortable actually we(me and my husband) and decided to let the child die , I don't know , I'm dying inside , dying everysingle minute , should I normaly said yesand asked them to take them to another hospital and put him in NICU , he was less than one pound but I'm not sure ,I feel I'm not human I'm a monster for not trying to savehim , I cant move on , I have a famiy but cant think about anything other than my baby and my premature labor what would you do?
  2. Hello Devianz thsnks for you reply, it helped me alot especially this :. You loved your child enough to not let them suffer through the very slim possibility of living a life that would have likely been difficult. this is exactly what i thought at that time , that its not humanly believable that we should save a child born in 23 weeks , at that time i didnt have background of premature babies or experience or even heard about this cases , al i was heard is 28 weeks is ok to be born i was so bad yesterday ur message and 2 people I talked with , helped me to change my mood , im better now but its coming and going like a switch, especially when im alone or at night i think about it and cry its been one month now since the delivery it felt like a whole year anyways thanks alot , take care