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  1. Update: visiting a meduim

    Thank you
  2. Update: visiting a meduim

    I don't understand....if this is a gift that people are born with why would GOD be against it?
  3. Seeing a medium?

    The meduim I went to said he was there and described some things that happened like me sitting with his two cousins at a table and telling stories about him I believe he was beside me the whole time
  4. I know there were a lot of people interested in visiting a meduim so I thought I would let you know what happened. I saw a woman that lives about in hour from me, in grey GA named beth berry in did my research she had a ton of good review on her Facebook page, but, I was still skeptical....at first I was worried because nothing she was saying made sense to me she was seeing a skinny black male figure which was not my fiancée....but when she asked for his name it's like all of a sudden everything she was saying made complete sense. She told me very specific things, things that only me and him knew.....she knew I was a nurse, she knew that I slept with his t-shirt after he died, and that he loved that I talked to him in the car...which i always did alone for fear of being called crazy. I'm really jumpy and corey would walk up behind me not meaning to scare me lol i would get so mad at him....so after we moved in together he would make noise tap his fingers on the wall going down the hallway something simple no one else in our life knew he did. it was multiple things of that nature to prove that she was really talking to him.... this has helped me so much even though I would do anything to hug him again I feel like he's still with me..... She has definitely restored my faith in God I know without a doubt that my baby is ok and that I will see him again one day. There are some fakes but not as many as you think....most people that claim they can do this probably can and as long as you do your research and know what to look for it think it would be very helpful to those who are interested in doing it.
  5. Seeing a medium?

    Hearing this saddens me because I really feel like I need this to work I'm going the 20th, and $180 is a lot of money for someone who has two kids and just lost everything but I'm so desperate right now. I feel like I will keep searching until I find someone who is real there has to be someone out there that's genuine. I have done a lot of research and I know not to feed into there questions don't give them answers just respond with I understand or don't understand.....but if she's not real it will be devastating
  6. Third month

    I feel the same way I felt so overwhelmed with people at first which was sort of comforting because the one I lost was basically they only person I would text all day while we were at work and we would constantly tag each other lol.... if I watched it and liked it he watched it to. But now there's no one to talk to....no one that really cares or knows how it feels. i think that's why I turned here to strangers which have been more comforting than anything. My mom and brother are staying with me still because it's only been 5 days now but she's constantly asking me if I am OK?! she doesn't get that I will never ever be "Ok" again in my life I am here if you ever need to talk
  7. Lost

    If you don't mind can I ask what were your experiences? I just want a sign from him so desperately. Everyone i have talked to said they have gotten clear signs. When corey was living he told me about his step father seeing light around people i kind of doubted it at first but the day after corey died he said he came to him in a dream and told him that he was ok and to take care of his mom and me. I didn't feel at peace though I felt more anger because I prayed all night for him to send me a sign and he didn't ...the meduim said the same thing about energy and that we never really die. I'm paying $180 for an hour with her so i hope corey comes through. I am in shock its a weird numb (physical and mentally) feeling I've never experienced.....on top of the waves of different emotions all at once I also feel like I'm not scared of death anymore I almost welcome it because the thought of just seeing him again makes me so happy. I have no other choice but to pick myself up and move on and I realised it's going to be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.
  8. Lost

    I feel all of those emotions all at the same time. Usually when I walk into our bedroom or when the kids ask me to read them a story....cause we did it together every night. we only had a few things when we moved in together so now just looking at the coffee table we painted is extremely hard A PIECE OF FURNITURE! how silly..... I don't understand why he was taken so soon after he was sent to me because I really feel like we were supposed to be together foreve. all of our dreams are lost now
  9. Lost

    I recently lost my fiancée in a car accident. He drove a tracker trailer and during hurricane Imra evacuation a car who was pulled off of the interstate pulled back on in front of him...he tried to swerve to avoid hitting the other people his truck flipped and caught on fire it was so sudden and unexpected. I just feel so lost without him even though we werent together for a very long time I knew I was going to be with him forever. I know everyone says the person they lost was the best....but he really was. His personality was contagious even strangers would strike up a conversation with them and it felt like they had been friends for years..... he just has this light about him our very first date I remeber looking up at him from across the table he was looking so deep into my eyes.... his bright blue eyes were almost glowing beautiful smile and in remeber this warm feeling coming over me and I just knew from then on I didn't want to be without him. We would stay out so late just talking for hours in a waffle house drinking coffee to try to stay awake so we didn't have to say goodbye. He loved my two kids just like they were his he always bragged on them to everyone he couldn't wait to start cub scouts he said he always wanted a son to do that with he passed on Thursday two days before the first event. My son's biological dad didn't treat me well he used me and didn't like to spend time with his kids i was so greatful that he was willing to love them as much as he loved me....he would buy me flowers for no reason. If he beat me home from work he would have dinner cooked for us. He would have a towel and my clothes ready for me to take a shower...in the mornings he wouldn't wake me up he let me sleep and got the boys ready for school and when I got up he would have a cup of coffee for me and we would sit on the porch talking everyday before we had to leave. I would receive little packages in the mail from him and when I asked whats this for he would say cause I thought you would like it....and you know cause I'm the best boyfriend ever lol.....even though I know he was there in spirit and I talk to him constantly I would give anything to feel him hug me again he would squeeze so tight I couldn't breath. I want to see signs from him so bad letting me know he didn't feel pain that he's happy where ever he is. I still haven't seen any and I would do anything to talk to him again so I set up an appointment with a meduim....I told my mother after she heard me one the phone scheduling the spirit reading and she said it's not going to help or do anything....I don't even know if someone is going to read this but I just need someone to talk to who understands the pain I feel right now nothing in my life has ever ever compared to this pain also just wondering if anyone has had any experience with spirt guides