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  1. My Life, My Love

    I still feel that she is going to walk in the front door or call me on the phone. I was by her side the entire 16 days, I know what led up to to the decision of letting her go because there was no way she would ever be the person she was before she got sick and that's not what she wanted. I "know" she is gone in my head, its the"feeling" in my heart she is gone and not coming back that I am having trouble with. I am sorry for your loss....thank you for sharing your words.
  2. My Life, My Love

    Thank you for the reply. I actually went and saw my daughter today and took her to lunch. We now live in different cities so I told her I require one actual phone call every week. We can text as much as we want but I want to hear her voice every week. Thank you again.
  3. My Life, My Love

    Thank you for the tips they make a lot of sense and they help me to see that i am moving in the right direction but its just going to take time and i have to be patient and let it just happen. I think one of the biggest issues i have is its just me. I spent 22 years focused on someone else just as much as my wife, Janay focused on me. Your right its time for me to put me first.....it just doesnt feel right. Thank you again.
  4. My Life, My Love

    I am sorry for your loss. I am greatful for the feedback. I don't want this to sound bad but there is comfort sharing with people who understand what it feels like to loose your soulmate in some way. Talking to people that have not gone through this try to say things to make you feel better but sometimes it does the opposite. I will continue to post as needed today was a good day.
  5. My Life, My Love

    My wife of 22 years passed away on Mothers day this year. It was a normal saturday in April on our way home from the store. Half way home she became I'll. I took her to the ER, to find out she had had a minor stroke. That night in the hospital she had another stroke and lost sight on her right eye, she was already blind in her left eye from the year before. She had 2 more stroke after that. The last one was in her brain stem and they could not remove it. 16 days later she was gone. She was every thing. I think about since she is not here why should I be. I dont want to hurt myself but at times i become very angry and it then seems like a good idea. I have quit my job after 15 years because I don't want to deal with that stress. I have returned to my mother's home and at 43 years old that's a challenge in itself. My plan is to stay long enough to get myself better, find a new job and start moving forward with my life. I will never get over looking my wife.....i just want to be able to function at a normal level, whatever that is. We have a daughter who is 25. I feel in a way I lost her too since I don't see her everyday like I have for the last 22 years. I feel alone and isolated and often watch people going through their day to day lives with smiles and laughter and here I am standing still with my.......