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  1. I Think My Cat is Dead

    Hmm... not really sure what to do grief-wise. On one hand, a part of me would feel guilty for trying to bond with another cat so soon. On the other... the loss is made even more frustrating by my Aspergers (high functioning autism) craving sameness and patterns. So, for other people who have lost pets do you think I should wait a while before getting another cat or should I immediately try to find a "replacement"?
  2. I Think My Cat is Dead

    Thanks, and it looks like she died in her sleep. And never seemed to be in any pain. Seems like she died 3-4 days after I had last seen her. I have heard that a lot of cats tend to go and hide for several days when they are about to die, so I'm guessing thats what happened.
  3. I Think My Cat is Dead

    UPDATE: Found her. She did indeed pass away. Though oddly enough not in any of the rooms where the smell was coming from, which I guess explains why I couldn't find anything there. She had a habit of killing mice and just leaving them and walking off, so that is probably what the smell is. Either way, just glad I finally found her.
  4. I Think My Cat is Dead

    Thanks. Ended up calling the pound and several neighbours to ask them if they had seen a cat like the one I had. Luckily, the cat stands out. It doesn't have a tail and is calico. Honestly just feeling really frustrated. I have had one dog and one cat for as long as I can remember, and while I have never had any problems with a dog... something always goes wrong with my cats. The latest attempt at having a cat (before this one) was stung by a queen wood bee as a newborn and died as a result. This was the first cat I had that made it past 1 year. And was 5 years old when this happened. Thought I had finally gotten lucky. Anyway, will keep updated to let anyone who wants to know if I find her alive or dead, or what happened. The worst part right now is just not knowing. It has been 6 days now since I had last seen her so the odds of a happy ending seem bleak.
  5. I Think My Cat is Dead

    Okay so... my cat has always had a habit of sneaking off to some part of the house and not coming back out for several days (except to eat). So when it happened this time around, I didn't think anything of it. My cat seemed to be in perfectly good health. A bit small and skinny, but very energetic and nothing out of the norm. It wasn't until yesterday (5 days since I had last seen her) that I began to notice an awful smell coming from a part of the house that she would hang out in the most. I have smelt a lot of dead things in my life and knew right away what I was smelling. The problem however, is that the part of the house she liked the most... is a mess. A collection of 3-4 rooms filled with junk that hasn't been touched in nearly two decades. I have already spent nearly 6 hours digging through the junk and have been unable to locate a body. I did, however, find the hole that a possum had used 2 months before to get into the house (long since dealt with). I never had her spayed (ik, big mistake) and our house is surrounded lately by dozens of cats belonging to our neighbours. Now, I thought... well if a possum 3 times her size was able to squeeze through a hole... she would surely have no problem doing the same. But then reality comes back and I realize that there is really only one thing that smell could be. I hate the thought of her just rotting away under a heap of junk. But the rooms in question would take me at least a week if not longer to completely clear. And having checked where the smell is strongest, I couldn't find a body. Also worth noting that the smell isn't as strong as I think it should be. You can't smell it throughout the entire area. Take 4-5 steps in one direction and it's gone. At this point, I am at a loss for what to do. So was hoping I could get some advice here. EDIT: Also should mention I am rather old. Just turned 70 a few months ago and have arthritis in my knees. So my ability to search for her is limited and I pose a risk of hurting myself in the process.