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  1. Are my kids seeing their daddy???

    As your children see your husband, so there may be chances that they are able to see them. May be your husband's spirit be still here to see his children and to talk with them. As you are not able to see your husband. So there are chances that he has come to his children.
  2. It was 8 months, 3 days ago

    I am sorry to hear you lost your baby.
  3. I'm alone

    I am really feeling bad after looking at your struggles. As a parent, you need to take your of your kids. For this you have to be mentally and physically fit and fine, and overcome with your anxiety and depressions. One of my neighborhood also confronting the same problem. So he was experiencing some mental issue. At that point somebody has suggested him to go for consultation. Talk about your concern with them, they will provide you the proper voyance pure consultancy. I think you can also try there once.
  4. She's still gone

    I can understand, I know the pain of losing someone I too lost my Grandmother. Everything was so sudden, it was very difficult for me to believe that she is no more.
  5. feelings about moving on

    Don't think about it too much. It is natural during grief. Try to move on with this and take care Flory.